I was totally inspired by a recent video from The Anna Edit, but I thought I would do my own take on it as me and the BF have completely different diets, but still buy our food and make it together!

The FIRST thing we do, is plan 5 meals for the week. These are just ‘dinner’ or ‘tea’ meals, those you have after work on an evening! We usually have a few items that we can both have (such as potatoes and fish, lol). My meals usually look like this:

Monday- Pasta with roasted vegetables
Tuesday- Jacket potato with lightly dusted haddock
Wednesday- Veggie stir fry
Thursday- Stuffed peppers and mushrooms, salad
Friday- Vegetable lasagne

As my other half doesn’t eat vegetables, I know how much of them I need to add on the food shopping list for one person. By planning out my meals and adding the ingredients onto the list, I know I have AT LEAST 5 main meals for the week (this might include leftovers). The other two nights I leave free incase we eat out or elsewhere.

I then do the same with Dan’s (he doesn’t mind me doing this BTW) and plan 5 meals for him to have. These all usually include meat, so I then add these onto the shopping list, knowing how much I need for one person. He also eats rice and other things from the freezer, so I check what we’ve got left from the week before and add any, if needed.

I also put all the things we’ve run out of for breakfast and lunches on the shopping list, such as cereals, porridge, bread, fruit etc. Of course, we go heavy on the snack section and pick up a few treats for us too! Dan’s not a huge snacker but I definitely am, so I like to make sure I have some healthy ones too (e.g., loads of fruit, nuts, medjool dates etc).

We’ve only been moved in together for a few months so this might change, but I doubt it incase either of us has a appetite transplant!


I would love to know if you and your other half have completely different eating habits or is it just us?

  • I’ve found cooking for two a bit of a revelation since moving in with my other half too – we eat the same stuff, but I do most of the cooking and he’s a total culprit for eating my ingredients and leaving me short for my meal plan!

    • Oh that’s lovely that you can share food though! xxx

  • Esther

    Very well planned. I need to adapted this.
    Every evening I try to prepare a dinner and planning would make it so much easier.
    Have a nice week.

    Love, Esther

  • Definitely need to get more into meal planning – we go to the supermarket basically every day, which isn’t very sensible! I’m vegan and the boyf eats meat/fish/eggs/dairy, so we also have completely different eating habits!
    Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

    • We are FINALLY doing a big shop tomorrow and I’m so excited for new food instead of popping in local supermarket every day! xx

  • Amy

    Ah I thought it was just me and my boyfriend who cooked two separate meals! I eat healthy and quite a lot of fish and he isn’t a fan. We meal plan too and we’d be lost without it. We freeze a lot of meals too for quickness which I love doing 🙂

    Amy |

    • Oh I’m glad it’s not just us! I need to get into freezing meals too, it’s so handy! xx

  • Soph Cullen

    Trying to plan ahead for both Matt and me is so difficult as we’re both so fussy! Having a chalk board has helped me loads with regards to deciding what we’re having xo

  • With me the main concern is just knowing what to cook or having all the ingredients in, I always need to pop into the shops, but having a plan would probably help with that 🙂 x

    Velvet Blush

  • Me and my other half have COMPLETELY different eating habits too! Because I work shifts and he works a normal 9-5 we only ever eat dinner together, and I usually have alternatives that we swap in and out. E.g. I’ll hav e a sweet jacket potato and he’ll have normal

    Steph –