I’ve (literally.. half an hour ago!) got back from meeting FleurdeForce at her Manchester Trafford Centre MAC lipstick event! I just posted this pic on my Instagram- link here if you want to follow me- and asked if any of you would like a post on my experience!

You said yes so heres the post!


The event was held on the lower floor of Selfridges. Manchester is about an hour away from where we live, so we arrived a little earlier to have some food and a look around the Trafford Centre- I’d never been there before! (FYI: its amazing!!)

It started at 6.30pm so I arrived at about 6.20pm and was lead to some rows of chairs with butlers there offering prosecco, aperol spritz or pink lemonade with strawberry macaroons. Once you show your ticket you get a fleurdeforcexmac wrist band and take your seat wherever is free!

Fleur came out with the speaker of MAC and a make up artist to show Fleur’s favourite MAC products and lipsticks on the models. There was also a Q&A where you could ask Fleur anything you wished. After the talk had ended, you get your lipstick which came with the £16.50 ticket and then meet the woman herself!

It was my first time attending anything like this and even meeting someone I watch on YouTube or read their blog! Fleur was so lovely and just as pretty in real life as she is on camera 🙂



The lipstick is a lovely creme-sheen formula, so it feels super moisturising on the lips and not at all drying. The colour is a stunning caramel-nude which I think would suit everyone! It of course is housed in the luxury feeling MAC packaging and that delicious scent. I can’t wait to wear it daily.

Overall, I was so happy I attended this and it was such amazing value for only the price of the original lipstick which I would of purchased anyway (well tried to, if it hadn’t been sold out!).

Are you guys lusting after one of Fleur’s lipsticks?


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