I’ve been meaning to do another mid-week check in for a while, and since I’m up earlier today before my alarm, and I’m not at work today, I thought I’d open my laptop and chat to you all, while enjoying my morning cup of tea.

What’s going well so far?

  • I’ve been posting everyday this month on Instagram, which I secretly challenged myself to and I’m really happy with how it’s going so far!
  • I’ve nearly finished a really great book.
  • I went to my Monday night yoga class which was a nice switch-off.
  • I’ve slowly started to fall asleep earlier and faster, I’m obviously having a tired week I think!
  • My sister and nephew is down for a few days so I’ve been spending lots of time with them.
  • I’m fitting in short meditations whenever I can and they are really helping.

What improvements do I want to make for the rest of the week?

  • My hormones are really high this week and I’ve snapped a few times at people, which really disappoints me and is upsetting, but we are only human after all I suppose.
  • It’s felt like a really busy week and like I have a lot of stuff to do and for someone who is easily overwhelmed like me, can make me feel stressed. I want to try and rush a lot less, and slow down, even if there’s stuff going on.
  • Put less pressure on myself. This is almost something I do automatically, which obviously isn’t the best thing. For the rest of this week I want to remind myself that sometimes DONE is better than perfect.


How is your week going?


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