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Well what a strange time we’re having in the world at the moment? I haven’t been blogging this week, purely for the fact like I’ve felt like I’ve had nothing valuable to say. I’m just muddling along with this like you are. But I know reading how others feel, makes me feel better, like I’m not alone, so I wanted to come on today and do a little mid-week check in, and how I’m currently feeling. Of course this goes to say, I’m following all the government guidelines to stay safe and help the rest of the world stay that way too. Please do the same, as I’m sure you lovely lot already are!

What’s working this week:

  • Making the most of those once a day walks. The weather we’ve had recently has been amazing, gorgeous blue skies with sunshine, and I know for sure it’s been really helping me feel better. Yesterday I went out for a run, and I’ve been walking Harvey on the other days. Thankfully we live in a quiet town so we haven’t seen many people, and when we do we of course keep our distance.
  • Having small rituals to rely on. Such as sitting outside for a cup of tea, doing a face mask and evening pamper, making sure I’m having a few hours completely off my phone. Those little things that keep me feeling uplifted are even more important now.
  • Staying positive. I feel really lucky that I can still spend time with my mum, stepdad and Dan, and that we have Harvey too. Gratitude lists are really key at this moment in time, I feel so fortunate that none of us currently have any symptoms.
  • Staying connected. I’ve definitely been relying on social media this week, and it definitely does help. Staying connected to my family on Facetime is also a great pick-me-up and something I’ve been doing a lot of. (Although don’t go on Twitter, it’s far too much for me on there!)
  • Keeping busy. Luckily I can still go into work because there’s only my mum and stepdad in the office (who I’m with at home) on some days of the week, which I feel fortunate about. I don’t really have any ‘work’ that I can do at home, so when I am home, I’ve been keeping myself very busy around the house doing bits and bobs.

What to improve for next week:

  • Less news. Ideally, I’d only like to watch the daily updates from our prime minister, but of course some days go astray and you end up on all sorts of websites in a spiral of doom. Definitely want to do less of this, next week.
  • Worry less. This probably won’t happen, but I’m adding it on here anyway. In such a strange time, it’s bound to make us worry, but I know that it affects my sleep, so I’d like to try and switch it off a little bit, especially before bed.
  • Lists. I’ve started doing to-do lists for each day (which is something I’ve always done to be honest) but I want to stick to them a bit more next week and also, try and find new things to add so it doesn’t get boring and I don’t get demotivated.


How are you feeling this week?


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