I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I really wanted to write a little piece about it on the blog, as I’m sure someone out there has experienced something similar in regards to social media.

Lately, for me, I’m just seeing way too much of the stuff that I dislike or don’t relate to, or simply find really upsetting. So here’s what I’ve done about it because things have got to change, and being mindful in the content I consume is something that’s very important to me.



There is always a few opinions about whether it is ‘acceptable’ to unfollow, which of course I think it is, you do you. There isn’t a rule to abide by if something is affecting you negatively. But if that feels too harsh, mute is a god-send. Plus, I’m pretty sure they don’t know that they are muted either.

Sometimes I don’t want to offend or upset anyone, but their tweets are a bit too much for me to read, so I mute them and I can carry on seeing more positive stuff that inspires and uplifts me. You can also ‘ban’ particular words on Twitter which is something I’ve done recently and worked well.


Ah, this next bit is the good stuff.

Seek out the things that feel good to you. Go on a follow spree of new amazing accounts on Instagram, find some new blogs to read on your commute, and engage in people who you find motivating!

The internet can be a super positive place if we use it well. Bask in the internet inspiration you surround yourself in. Let it spur you on to keep doing your thing.


If you get mid-way down an article that’s gone viral, but you don’t like the vibe it’s giving, stop reading. And if you spend a few mornings on the Daily Mail, don’t judge yourself! But next time, try and catch yourself in the habit if it makes you feel icky.

If you want a day offline, do it.

It’s so important to look after ourselves. Have you ever thought about how many things we are reading every single day that might influence our lives without us knowing it? Lets keep it the right stuff.

What steps do you do to consume content mindfully?

  • Well written, Natalie! The content that we consume definitely influences us unconsciously. I’m currently on a week-long Twitter break because it all got too much for me. I’ll be pausing tomorrow so I can live-tweet the royal wedding haha and then I’ll go back to being on a break. Seeking out positive accounts is such a great point and I’ll be sure to find more of them once my break is over 🙂

    Coco Bella Blog

    • Ahh that actually sounds fab, I’m not into twitter recently but I’m not too sure why, I think it’s the negativity and overwhelming-ness! I definitely need to find some new people to follow and embrace the positivity x

  • So well said! We’ve gotta look out for ourselves!

  • Shannon

    Such a lovely post! Seeking out positive accounts and people who produce fulfilling content such as this post can have such a great impact on us. Will definitely be sure to keep myself aware of what I’m looking at on a daily basis.

    Shann Eileen | http://www.shanneileen.com

  • Great read, Natalie! There is the worry of offending by muting or unfollowing but when we consume so much content day to day, it would be naive to think we’ll agree with everything we see. All for following whatever or whoever brings you positivity 🙂

  • Very well said, Natalie! I’ve been feeling the same way, especially with Twitter, with stuff being uninspiring or just too negative. I use to feel bad about unfollowing people after time, but you’re right that we do need to look after ourselves and be aware of how what we are consuming affects us. Seeking out more positive accounts that inspire you is a great idea, and I hope to add that more into my social media accounts x

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net/

    • I feel like the world could always use more positivity 🙂 Thank you so much for reading Kara!