Was it just me or did March go nice and slowly, I feel like I really got a lot of things done this month- although not so much goals wise, as you’ll see in a minute. April is gonna be a super exciting month as we have lots of birthdays in the family (including my own) and as I’m typing this, my nephew is due to be born any minute now!



Put together our wedding album. I’m ticking this one off as a goal achieved, because it’s neaaaarly finished! I have to print off a few more photos so we fill the book up completely, so the next day off I have I’ll get to it and make sure it’s fully done. It looks so beautiful, I’m really happy with the one I ordered from Not On The Highstreet, it wasn’t too expensive but looks super luxury.

Re-do Bloom & Grow, Instagram e-course. Nope, not done. As I’m writing this I’m actually about to start it, but I did read Sara’s book Hashtag Authentic throughout this month and it was so helpful. It’s packed full of Instagram and photography tips and gorgeous images so I’d definitely recommend it.

Finish the Kikki K, Dream Life book. Now this one I definitely did achieve! I found the whole experience of reading this book and doing the tasks required such a positive experience and quite extraordinary really. I’m yet to know if it works- but I’m working on it!



Get back in the gym, eeeek. It’s probably been about six months since I went to the gym. I just completely fell out of love with it, and found different forms of exercise that I enjoyed so much more. But now, I think I’m just about ready to get back in there! I’ve been quite motivated by the people I follow online so maybe that’s helped. I’m definitely going to start small though and work on not pushing myself too hard.

Slow down, and savour the little moments more. Even though March was a good month, it also felt a bit mentally, busy- if that makes sense! A bit like being on a hamster wheel and not knowing how to get off. That’s why for April I want to slow down more, and appreciate the little things that I love, with added gratitude.

Home decor update! I really want to buy some plants for the house, (we had one last year that we killed by accident) but I love the look of them and the positive affect they have on your surroundings. We also need to touch up the paint around the house so it looks a bit fresher too.



What are your goals for April?




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