Is it just me or did July absolutely fly by? I suppose a lot of the time that month was in the build up to the wedding, so lets see how I did with my goals.



Get back in the gym at least once a week. At the beginning of the month I really did well with this one, I was going to the gym at least once, sometimes even twice a week! However in the last two weeks of July I didn’t go at all. I’m hoping to get back on the gym train this weekend as I write this, I really would like to fall back in love with it again, but I’m not quite there yet.

Cut down on sugar. I feel like I definitely achieved this one, and it was quite a learning curve for me. I definitely have kicked my biscuit habit into touch, and I don’t seem to miss them either which is great news! I did a post about my first week cutting down on sugar here. Preparing and making my own healthy snacks makes such a difference, so that’s something I will be taking with me from this month.

Live slower. I can safely say I lived a lot slower in July, and really made the most of the build-up to the wedding. I savoured every slow morning, every afternoon nap (there was a LOT of them as I wasn’t sleeping well), and I read so much too. It was blissful!




Publish wedding posts. Incase you missed it, we got married! When we get the photos back from the photographer I’m planning on doing a whole full week of wedding posts, from the morning to the evening, what makeup I wore, the facial I gave myself the night before… basically, everything! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Relish time at home. August is looking like a quiet month for us, apart from the odd family day out, so I really want to relish spending time at home. We need to do some major spring (well, summer) cleans, definitely have another weekend BBQ if the weather holds out, and maybe mix things around interior wise in the house too.

Be more experimental with food. I can easily get in a routine with food, eating the same things everyday. Sometimes, it can get a tad boring, so this month I want to try new things. Make different meals, eat new vegetables I don’t normally, and mix up my lunches, especially for work.


Do you have any goals for August?


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