Autumn is officially here! And for today’s post, heres some little sneak peeks of how I’m planning to spend the next few months..

1. Paint pumpkins. Believe it or not I’ve never actually painted pumpkins before, and I really want to re-create those gorgeous mini pastel ones you see on Pinterest. One Saturday afternoon, it’s happening!

2. Try one of the Starbucks seasonal drinks. I don’t often go to coffee shops because I don’t actually drink the stuff, but every Autumn I like to try out some of the sweet sweet drinks just as a little treat. Plus it makes me feel like an Instagram cliche which is okay by me (well, sometimes anyway)

3. Re-watch the Harry Potter series. After finishing all the books a few weeks ago, now is the perfect time to make a start on re-watching the series. I’m trying to get Dan to join me as I’m a total wimp but he seems a bit reluctant at the moment.

4. Go to the arcades. This isn’t a seasonal thing, but I’ve got quite the itch to go visit the 2p machines at the seaside, plus maybe snag a few of Dan’s chips too. I think we’re headed over there next month which I’m looking forward to.

5Buy presents in advance. October is a bit soon for me to mention Christmas (sorry!!) but this year I do want to get a head-start on picking up a few little things here and there that catch my eye. That way it feels a lot less stressful when the weeks come around quickly.

6. Make the most of the seasonal props on Instagram. I really want to gather up all the gorgeous crisp leaves and use them for an Instagram photo. Plus when I’m looking back in months to come it will be a great way to remember the season!

7. Do more creative writing. This is something that I’ve only just started doing thanks to Write Yourself Happy, the book I’m currently reading. I journal, but apart from that I don’t write very much. I’ve always loved English at school so this little project feels great I have to say. I always think writing is so therapeutic, and sometimes you express things you didn’t even know you needed to get out! Look out for the book review in a post coming this month.


Do you have any plans for this Autumn? I’d love to know!


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