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Is it just me or has January lasted ages? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to wish time away but this month has been a super drag and I know I for one am ready to see the back of it. Anyway, enough rambling, lets see how I did with my goals.


Yoga with Adriene 30 day challenge. I did it! Whoop whoop. Some days I really didn’t want to get on my mat but I managed it, I’m really proud of myself. I think this is the 5th year I’ve done it and I love that it makes yoga a daily priority for me. I’m going to keep it up because it makes a massive difference to my mental and physical health.

Donate. I’ve definitely done this this month too. I donated lots of books, a few clothing items, two bedside lamps and some other bits and pieces we had lying around that we didn’t use anymore. Always feels so good!

Re-decorate our bedroom. This is half finished. I got a new lamp and changed up a few prints on our walls, and I got some new bedding too from H&M home but we still haven’t got the headboard yet, it’s currently in the works so I think by next month it should all be done and dusted.


For February, I want to focus on small everyday goals. Little things I can commit to every single day that make me feel good in myself.

Walk. I feel like I’ve really missed walking more so I want to make that a habit this month. Getting outside always makes me feel better and I just need to motivate myself to do it more.

Meditate. I’ve been doing this over the last few days and I’m really enjoying it. 10 minute a day meditation with nature sounds, where I can just zone out a bit and focus on my breath. It makes such a difference.

Ease. Relaxing when I can. Being creative when I feel like it. Not putting pressure on myself and doing things because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.

Do you have any goals for February?


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