January was supposed to be a quiet, steady month but it turned out to feel pretty busy, and I didn’t feel like I had much free time. I guess that’s how life goes sometimes doesn’t it? Anyway, enough rambling, let’s check in…



Complete Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day yoga challenge. I did it! I feel so proud of myself for completing 30 days of yoga, it’s been a few years since I’ve managed to practice every single day. I’m planning a post all about it, so if you’re interested, it’ll be up next week.

Learn how to knit. I totally failed this one guys. I found it so hard, and once I did start learning, after a few stitches the wool got really tight on the needles and I had to keep starting again. I even got my grandma to help me out, but I need to start again from step one and have lots more practice.



Walk more. Due to January being very yoga heavy, I didn’t have as much time to go out on as many walks as I’d like to. Especially with it being so cold and dark outside, it felt harder to motivate myself to get outside. So this February, I really want to up my short daily walks and make them much longer. I’m also thinking about treating myself to a Fitbit which could come in handy!

Be more present. Like I said earlier, January was a busy month and looking back, I definitely wasn’t as present as I would of liked to be. In coming this goal for me to focus on the next month, I want to do more meditation, more affirmations, and more having ‘5 minutes’ just to sit and stare out the window.

Put together our wedding album. It’s been over 6 months since we tied the knot, and I really want to put together our wedding album. I’ve seen some gorgeous personalised ones online that I think I’ll get, and then I just need to get some of the photo’s printed. I can’t wait to sit down one afternoon and start arranging it all. Plus I get to reminisce on the most incredible day too, which is a win-win!


Do you have any goals for February?


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