I love the month of April. I mean, it’s partly because it involves my birthday and actually a lot of other family members too, but also because Spring is well and truly in the air, and we usually have some gorgeous sunny days too to enjoy.


Embrace the local area. To be honest, this isn’t really something I’ve done *that* much of, because I have been busy with other things which I’m about to tell you shortly. Although I have been trying to mix it up with my dog walks and try little different routes. I’m sure when everything fully opens back up I can venture somewhere different.

Try new things. I’ve made ways in starting a new career this last month, which has been a massive life change for me, but something I’m so passionate and happy about! This month I’ve also been doing lots of punch needling, embroidery, knitting, running, and zooms too.

Get a broader range of meals. I’d say another tick in the bag for this one. Being vegan and not living in a large city my options sometimes feel somewhat limited, but where I can I’ve been discovering new snacks (hello loveraw cream wafers, basically a vegan kinder bueno) and I also had a go at an Hello Fresh meal which *newsflash* I actually really enjoyed cooking. Maybe I’ll have to look into it for another month…


Launch my newsletter. Incase you missed the last post, I’m launching a monthly newsletter! It will be like a blog post, Instagram grid, Instagram story and youtube vlog all rolled into one… with me in it of course. If you’d like to sign up before I send out the first months, theres a box for you to pop your email in at the bottom of the page (just make sure you scroll down to the bottom!)

Celebrate my birthday. With it only being a week away today, I’m starting to think and plan about what I want to do with my day, especially because restrictions are still in place at the moment. I’m thinking a morning run, a takeaway evening from a restaurant, a zoom craft date with my sister and maybe a movie afternoon with my mum!

Keeping up the good work. I’ve made some really great changes this past month and you know what, I’m proud of myself!!! Building good habits and foundations has really helped me stay positive, such as being organised, booking in fun things to look forward to, and doing things I want to do that might seem scary (see: potential new job, newsletter, etsy shop). This month all I want to do is keep going at it!

Do you have any goals for April?


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