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It’s that time again, monthly goals time..

July was a better month for us, in a lot of ways. I finally got to see my sister and nephew again, and it was also our second wedding anniversary so we went away to the seaside overnight, which was a very much needed respite. I can’t begin to tell you how nice it was to feel the sand and hear the waves.

Anyway, lets get on to how I did this month goal wise..


Walk more. I did walk more in July, but I wouldn’t say I completely smashed this goal out of the park. It’s still on my mind to do for August, but sometimes my motivation really does wane. Even when I know it makes me feel better, I think it’s just one of those things! Hopefully small and steady increases every day which mean I’m walking more overall. I’m thinking about maybe investing in an apple watch later this year, which I know will definitely motivate me to move more throughout the day.

Use up my skincare. Yep, definitely did this! Although speaking of which, I’ve just done another beauty pie order so…

Daily happy things. I feel like I did focus on one happy daily thing a day this month, which felt really good. I also think it’s something that I can still do going forward to make sure I feel good everyday and know I’m practicing good habits too.


Fitness challenges. Me and my mum are currently a week into a plank challenge, where you do it every day for a month and build up your time, so at the end your planking for 5 minutes! Lets be honest, that definitely doesn’t feel like it will happen yet, but we’ll see. I also want to do a 15k this month, I’ve been slowly building up my running distances, and I managed a 12k in July, so in August I’m aiming for 15k.

Blog more! For some reason the blog this month has had a massive spike in views? I’m not sure why, because in July I feel like I’ve blogged less than ever. Which kind of makes me sad, but I guess on busy weeks something has to give, and it’s been the blog. Most weeks I have tried to post once a week though, just for my own sake really, because I do enjoy writing so much and this is a great creative outlet for me. So here’s to more blog posts in August, fingers crossed hey?

I’m just going to stick to two goals for August, because they feel quite lofty ones that deserve my focus, instead of adding another third one which I don’t feel as passionate about! Check back at the end of the month to see how I did, and you can always follow me over on my Instagram linked HERE where I’m very active and post every week.

Do you have any August goals?


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