It only feels like two minutes ago I wrote my November goals so I can’t believe we’re here already! The last month of 2019, wow. I definitely want to do some reflection posts so they will be coming soon I’m sure, but for todays post lets see how I did with last months goals.


Practice piano. I’ve really enjoyed spending lots of time on the piano this month. I want to finish the book I’m on and start the second one. I find it so rewarding seeing improvement in something you’ve been practising, and it’s a hobby I really enjoy! When I think of when I first started to learn, I’ve come a long way!

Appreciate free time when it comes. This time of year always feels more busy than the rest, but I’ve definitely appreciated the free time when I had it. I’ve stayed indoors, read my book and I even watched a Netflix movie the other weekend too! (I had the attention span of a fish so I don’t watch loads of movies!)

Start shopping (and be more mindful with it!) I’ve nearly finished my Christmas shopping and that feels SO GOOD to say! I’ve definitely tried to be more mindful, and when I’ve struggled for ideas, I’ve asked people what they might like- that way they aren’t getting stuff they won’t like or need!



Keep calm. This time of year can sometimes feel very overwhelming, so I definitely want to keep calm, and do lots more slow yoga and meditation. Keep checking in on myself, more journalling, and lots of positive affirmations.

Embrace the festivities! We will be on holiday for a week so I hope I still feel as festive as I normally do! I want to read some Christmas books, and watch all the movies. Operation Christmas, commence 🙂

Think about exciting plans for 2020. I’ve a few ideas of the things I’d like to do in 2020 (bedroom re-decoration, Instagram plans, holidays) so I want to brainstorm a little with Dan and see what we can come up with! I’d love a city break in the Spring/Summer next year.


Do you have any goals for December?


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