This year has been quite the milestone one for me personally, and I’m looking forward to setting some December goals to finish the year off positively. In terms of goal setting for 2019, at the moment I’m still thinking that I will be setting monthly goals instead of New Year resolutions, as I love having them to focus on throughout the month and they feel a lot less pressurised.




Mantra work. I really wanted to incorporate positive affirmations into my daily routine, and I feel like I’ve gotten somewhere good with this, so far. It’s definitely something I want to continue, and I usually do it before bed with a crystal, just repeating mantras to myself like ‘I have everything I need’ or ‘Today, I did enough’ with a few deep breaths. It feels good.

Complete festive shopping. I still have a few bits and pieces to collect, but on the whole I’m nearly done with my Christmas shopping, which makes me very happy! I did this because I didn’t want to feel stressed nearer the time, so it does feel like a weight off my shoulders that it’s nearly all done. I still need to re-assess how I can spend a bit less on presents next year, because even though I’ve scaled down somewhat, it still seems like a huge amount.

Start learning the piano! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen a few of the clips I put on my stories of me learning to play. I’m absolutely loving it, it’s something I’m doing multiple times a week (whenever I get the chance really), and I’m halfway through the book I bought to teach me. It feels like my new hobby and I’m really enjoying it.




Treat myself. This might seem a bit of a weird choice given that at the end of the month I’ll be very lucky to be opening presents, but I mean this in a more non-materialistic way. Going into winter is always something I struggle with, so I want to treat myself more in doing things that feel good for me. Afternoon baths, not feeling guilty for staying in my pj’s, and picking myself up little goodies here and there.

Keep calm. I can very easily get swept up in the Christmas festivities, and even though that’s great, I lose my mindfulness a little bit in the midst of it all. This December I want to keep calm and be as mindful and present as possible. Hopefully I’ll do this by taking specific time out to meditate and continue my yoga practice.

Post more on Instagram/stories. At the moment I’m trying to post on Instagram more frequently, around three times a week, but I’d ideally like to post on there every other day. It does prove quite tricky because sometimes a lot can go into a photo and the lack of daylight we have at the moment doesn’t help the situation. With that in mind, I want to focus on stories a lot more too, so I’m challenging myself to talk to camera for the first 12 days of December! I still get a little nervous but I’m hoping it will help my confidence on there a little, plus it’s good to show up online and be active I think.


Do you have any December goals?


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