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The month of June seems to of flown by, but also gone super slow, all at the same time somehow. I didn’t set any goals for the month, because I wanted a month of reflection. And that’s definitely what I had. June was a big month for a lot of feelings, and I did do a lot of reflecting and sitting in my feelings. I do want to focus on some small goals for July though, so I’m going to try and choose 3 relatively simple ones that aren’t too hard to try and stick to.

  1. Walk more. I don’t know if it’s because the weather hasn’t been as good lately, so I just haven’t been bothering to go for a long walk, like I did when it was nice and sunny. Getting outside makes such a difference to my mood, and really brightens me up, so I want to at least do one short walk a day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. And YES, even in the rain somedays, because at the end of the day we live in the UK, so it’s unavoidable sometimes.
  2. Use up my skincare products! If you know me, you know I LOVE skincare. I’m obsessed. I have a LOT of it, and it’s not even a problem so I won’t say that, but I do want to use up some of the products I already have (yes cleansers, I’m talking to you) and incorporate a few new things into my routine too. Talking of skincare, I’ve been loving Beauty Pie recently after joining it a few months ago. My favourites include the japanfusion cleanser, jeju mist, and their flannels!
  3. Daily happy things. I want to focus in July on doing something a little bit different to make me happy everyday. Some days it’s gonna be ice-cream, but other days it could be picking up a bunch of flowers, doing some nail art, sitting outside for some vitamin D etc. July is going to be quite an up and down month, because whilst we have our second wedding anniversary, it is also the 1st anniversary of losing my Grandad. So focusing on something happy throughout the month will help me stay feeling good I think.


Do you have any goals for July?


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