Be creative, just for me. I feel like I’ve definitely done that this month! I’ve completed a few paintings (some of which ended up being harder than I expected, but it’s been a good challenge!). I’ve done lots of photo brain-storming, working on editing photos just for the experience and not to put online, and working on my cross-stitch project. This goal has really made me feel a lot more refreshed and renewed in my creativity, which feels great.

Be proud of how far I’ve come. Again, I feel like I’ve really done that this month which I’m happy about. I don’t really like to look far back a lot because I feel like it’s much more positive to focus on the future, but sometimes I do think it is necessary, and seeing how far I’ve come this year makes me feel so proud of myself. Some days it doesn’t even feel like it was me back then! There are peaks and valleys in everyones life, but when you’re out of a bad patch you can see it a lot more clearer.

Have more evenings, phone-free. This is a little so-so. I didn’t go super cold turkey on my phone but I did put it down a lot more this month, and I spent more time reading, having a long soak in the bath and enjoying my favourite magazines. Something to take forward definitely, I hate how natural it is for us to constantly be checking our phones!



Have fun! I class June as the start of summer, and at the beginning of this year I really wanted 2019 to be focused on FUN. Date nights, going out for a meal, time spent laughing and doing whatever I want to (and sometimes that’s a cup of tea and Netflix, which is totally fun in my world!). Here’s to making June the month I spend more time dancing in the kitchen.

Morning and evening meditations. I usually do 5 minute meditations before bed, but I really want to do them twice, at the beginning and at the end of the day. I think it’s a great way to start the day off on the right foot, and gives you some time to decompress before bed too.

Find some new reads. I’m at the bottom of the TBR list and lets be honest, my sidetable is looking a little bare without a big stack of books I want to dive into! Time to treat myself to an Amazon order and see what’s taking my fancy. Any book recommendations?


Are there any goals you have for June?


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