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Shall we ignore the fact that I’m over a week late with this post? I’m not quite sure how that happened, but at least I’m here anyway hey. I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually have any goals for this month, but I love the focus they give me throughout the weeks so I had a good ol’ think of some things I want to achieve in March, and here we are.


Walk. I really wanted to walk everyday in February and get a lot more outdoor time, and I think I did do that. Sometimes I let it slip and need to focus back on making sure I’m getting enough time in the fresh air, and that’s exactly what this goal did. A month later and I’m still going strong with this.

Meditate. Meditation is something that even though I know it works so well for me, I can put it off and procrastinate instead. I did so much more meditation in February than probably ever before, and my mental clarity feels so much better now that I prioritise it.

Ease. I wanted to have a more chilled out month, and I did do that. I feel much more creative now that I’ve set boundaries online, and so much less pressure too. I’m really happy about this and it was a great decision for me I think.


Cut down screen time. This is something I’ve been trying to work on for the last few weeks, but I haven’t yet mentioned it on here yet. I’ve been tracking it just using the function that my iPhone already has, it’s pretty shocking how much time I’m on there to be completely honest, but I want to get it down to about 3 hours a day (I KNOW! That still seems a LOT of time). Also, I’ve got to take note of the fact that I do my edits on my phone which take so long, so that’s why some days it can be very high. I’m trying to notice when I’m scrolling just out of habit and do something else instead.

Treat myself. I’m doing a lot longer runs now, so I really want to treat myself to a full body massage. It’s been ages since I’ve had one and I think they can be so important for your body.

Be more present. Another thing I’ve been trying to work on recently is being more present. I’m a massive over-thinker sometimes which is so contradictory to being in the present and noticing the moment you are at right now. Whenever I find myself down a worry path, I want to remember to come back to my breath. Also, when I’m having family time and quality time with Dan, I want to be more present and enjoy it instead of being on my phone.

Do you have any goals?


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