It’s the start of a new month, which over on this blog means it’s time to check in on my monthly goals!


Launch my newsletter. Yup, I did it! I’m really glad I made the plunge to finally start a newsletter, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for around a year now, and I love that I’ve made it a little bit different and ‘me’ with the addition of a monthly vlog included and a few little other bits and pieces. If you want to subscribe, the link is at the bottom of my website!

Celebrate my birthday. To be honest looking back at my birthday kinda feels like a blur, but I did enjoy a few celebrations and I was treated to some gorgeous presents from my family. My mum and sister put together for an iPad for me so I’ve downloaded procreate and am enjoying doodling over there and practising something different to my photoshop stuff.

Keep up the good work! April kind of seems like it was a month of two halves, but I suppose we can all say that right now couldn’t we? I think it’s important to focus on our good moments as much as possible <3


Go to a gym class. On May 17th, gym classes are re-opening in the UK. We’ve had a massive leisure centre built nearby and I’m planning on joining the gym and taking a few classes! Hopefully it will be a great way to meet more local people too.

Start another yoga challenge. I’ve been trying out various yoga teachers online, and I think I’m ready for a new 30 day challenge! I’ve been doing a lot of ‘Yoga with Bird’ recently so I think that’s the one I’m gonna go for- will report back on it!

Go on Skillshare. I signed up to Skillshare last month but I’ve still not looked at it yet, and I know there’s gonna be a bunch of stuff on there that I would be super interested in, so that’s a goal for May.

Do you have any goals for May?


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