April is over, so it’s time for a new monthly goals post and to recap what last month’s were too!



Get back in the gym. Nope, didn’t go there. I’ve actually realised this month that I don’t really want to go back, not at this moment anyway. It’s not something I get enjoyment from anymore, so why should I dedicate time to it? I get my fitness from my daily yoga practice and go for a run often too which is good enough for me.

Home decor update. This one is a little sketchy because it was a super vague goal, but we did buy two plants and have put a few things in motion for the next few months.

Slow down and savour the little moments. I feel like I did do this one. As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous posts that it’s been a massively hectic month, but wherever I can I’ve really tried to take memory snapshots and take it all in. Meeting my nephew for the first time, sitting in the sunshine or enjoying an afternoon nap, I’ve embraced it.



Be creative, just for me. A big part of my creativity is to put it online on my Instagram. But that’s really not ALL of it. This month I want to take ownership of it back, and create just for me. I’ve started doing it a little already and I’m loving painting just for fun, as well as a big creative project I’ve started too! I just need to remind myself not everything has to be shared online. Some things you can document purely for you.

Be proud of how far I’ve come.  If you would of told me last year I’d be making twice a month visits to London (going on the tube included which has always been something I’ve fretted about) and done a long haul holiday, I would never have believed you. It’s only when you have silence, and space and time to look back can you think about how far I’ve come. This month I really want to acknowledge my achievements and be more open about them. Maybe that’s sharing more personal stuff online (quite the opposite of the last goal), or just simply making a list of what I’ve achieved.

Have more evenings away from my phone (although not entirely give it up all together). I feel like I spend quite a large amount of my evenings on my phone. Whether that’s scrolling, sharing or just consuming other peoples content and it can feel overwhelming sometimes. I want to instead spend more time reading a magazine I love or giving a TV show my actual FULL attention. Painting my nails, reading my book in the bath, just stuff that chills me out without looking at a screen as much.


What are your goals for May?


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