Happy October! *insert generic phrase about time going super fast* but it’s true isn’t it? September flew by for me, and it’s always one of my favourite months so I’m excited to chat about it.


Fill up my creative cup. I definitely did more of my creative hobbies this month, I got my paints back out (lets ignore the fact they haven’t been out since) and I worked on my cross-stitch too. I did my first ever stop motion on Instagram. I have a feeling October is going to be a really creative month for me too!

A daily gratitude list. I’m really happy because this is something I’ve still been doing. It really does make a huge difference to me and my overall mood, so I’d definitely recommend it if you want more positivity in your life.

Be silly! Daydream more. September was a much better month than August, and I did lighten up a little. Of course there was still extremely hard times (grief doesn’t just vanish) but looking back over the month, I can say I’m proud of myself for how I’ve been and dealt with things. Plus, there’s been lots of singing in the car to the new Taylor album which always helps.



Keep it up. I’ve made some good habits in September that I really want to carry through into October. I’ve chosen healthier afternoon snacks, ran further and faster, and been easy on myself when I’ve been having a tough day. I want to continue this into this month.

Worry less. I’m a classic over-thinker, and worrying is something that I can easily convince myself that I was born with! I can feel it becoming slightly overwhelming at times, so I need to put a cap on it and just re-check myself. I am only human and I can’t do everything, and be everything to everyone. (That’s not even expected of me, it’s just what we feel like we need to do isn’t it? Silly brain!) Hopefully a month of longer meditations, being more present, and being realistic with my time is on the horizon.

Become more of a morning person. Something I definitely was not born as! I want to make my mornings more of a sacred routine, instead of just scrolling first thing and then dragging myself out of bed and onto the sofa, to do more scrolling *eesh, that sounds horrific doesn’t it. I have visions of reading a chapter of my book with a cup of tea in bed, or even a 5 minute meditation and some stretches, but let’s see how we go, it might be a hard habit to break!



What are your goals for October?


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