With a new season, brings with it a time of reflection. For me, anyway. I love the clean slate, fresh feeling that Spring brings, so I wanted to chat a bit about my intentions for this new season too.


Connect back to my true self

I’m not sure whether it’s hormonal, or just because things have felt a bit busy and I’ve felt like I’m pulled in lots of different directions, but somehow, along the way, I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of my brightness. The excitement of finding joy in those smaller things, waking up ready to embrace the day and it’s possibilities. I want to get back to that! Don’t worry, I’m still happy and doing well, just probably 10% a little less energy. I want to stop feeling like I have to achieve everything I can in a day, and saying F you to the pressure I put on myself. It’s quite ridiculous really.

Create more, consume less. 

With posting everyday on Instagram this month, I feel like even though I’m creating a lot, I’m also looking at what everyone else is doing and how I compare. And that mindset just doesn’t work for me. I want to shout about other creatives and their amazing work, not feel jealous or lacking. Time to log off a little bit I think, which leads me to my next point..

Spend more time OFFLINE

I feel like March has been a month where I’ve been online a lot of the time. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m getting in that phase where I’m craving some time without my phone. An afternoon to bake and do yoga and read outside, if the weather allows. An evening spent with a takeaway and watching a film, sans scrolling Instagram. I sometimes wonder if I’ll look back in 20 years and feel silly how attached we (including me, obviously) are to social media. I want my memories to be of laughter with loved ones, not absent mindly listening whilst posting on Instagram stories.



What are your intentions for Spring? I’d love to hear about them! 


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