January is here! Can you believe it? To be totally honest, I always find the whole ‘new year, new me’ mantra of January really overwhelming, so I’m taking it easy with this month’s goals and not putting lots of pressure on myself! You ready to dig in?



Treat myself. A few days before Christmas I had a full body massage, which was that amazing that I fell asleep, and I’ve definitely been treating myself to all the chocolate biscuit boxes we’ve got in the house lately! I’ve not been putting pressure on myself to work out, and to go run and do yoga when I feel my body needs it. It’s been quite the nice revelation I must say!

Keep calm. This was probably by number one priority this month, aswell as spreading all the festive cheer and I’m so proud of myself that I managed it. It did mean I had to say no to a few family gatherings and have a few conversations that weren’t exactly pleasant, but I put myself and my wellbeing first.

Post more on Instagram/stories. I set myself a little challenge to show up on stories for the first 12 days of the month, and I did it! I have to say, after the first few goes it definitely gets less nerve-wracking and you start to build confidence in talking to your phone and then posting it on the internet. Plus, it’s only live for 24 hours so it’s not too bad if you mess up anyway. I feel a lot more comfortable talking to camera now, and I think I posted more on the grid too while I was at it.



Yoga with Adriene’s ‘Dedicate’. Starting on the 2nd of Jan, I’ll be joining in to Adriene’s yoga challenge. I didn’t manage to complete last years, but I’ve done all the other previous ones, so I’m really looking forward to it again! Although I’m hoping the rotten cold I have whilst I type this has disappeared by then…

Learn how to knit. I managed this in a previous post, but this is another little challenge I’m setting myself this month and I’m so excited to learn how to knit. I got a beginner set for Christmas which should help things on their way, and I always love learning a new skill.

And that’s it! I’m only setting myself two main goals this January, because as I spoke about earlier, I find it a tough month for overwhelm.


Do you have any goals for January?

  • I started the Yoga with Adriene Challenge as well this year. I have started it once in the past and failed, but this year I am ‘dedicated’ to keep it up. Good luck with your goals!

    • I didn’t manage it last year, but did the other others! So nice that we are all doing it together 🙂

  • I’m doing Adriene’s Dedicate as well! x

    • How are you finding it so far? x

      • I’m loving it. I haven’t done todays (Day 6 yet) but I still think her Yoga Revolution Challenge is my favourite of the 30 day programs.

        What about you? x

  • Jessica 🌻

    I love that you recap your goals from the previous month. It’s lovely to see how you got on! I love Yoga with Adriene and definitely want to practice a lot more this year than I did last year! x

    Jessica –

    • She’s the best isn’t it? I practiced with her live last year and it was the most amazing thing! x

  • I love this photo! My main goal for January is to sort my life out – basically do all the little things that have been put on the back burner over the Christmas period/while I have a certain project going on at work – and to chill out more. Not very specific, but i’m trying to have a pressure-free month! xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • That sounds amazing though, a pressure free January sounds right up my street! xx

  • I hope that you achieve all of your goals sweetie!

    Danielle xx

    • Thanks so much Danielle, do you have any for this month? xx