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I’ve always classed myself as not a creative person. I’ve never been great at art and crafts, and the last thing I DIY’ED was probably something paper mache after watching Art Attack.

Recently, I’ve been realising that just because I can’t make anything worthy of a Pinterest tutorial, I am still creative, in just a different way that I didn’t realise.

I write this blog. I do my own yoga routines. I journal. I meditate. I workout. I take pictures.

All of these things come from my brain and I follow my own routine, I don’t have anyone who guides me or tells me how to do it. I just do what seems natural to me in that moment.

I’ve always had a very vivid imagination and I loved writing stories in English classes at school, so I’ve definitely had a creative gene in me that I never really paid much attention to, just because I couldn’t draw or paint or mould.

My creativity is now something that I really love about myself, and whenever I’m lacking in it all it usually takes is having a walk outside, popping on a podcast, and my brain gets back into thinking of ideas for blog posts, pictures I want to take etc.

Ways to be more creative every day:

  • Doodle.
  • Take your camera outside and snap some pictures at things that interest you.
  • Read a different style of book than you usually would.
  • Mix your home decor around and put things in different places.
  • Try on a outfit you wouldn’t normally wear.
  • Cook!
  • Get some mindful colouring books and have a go.
  • Try a different makeup look.
  • Put on some music and move in a way that feels good to your body.


Are you creative?



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