I haven’t done a monthly goals post on the blog before, but a few months back I did document them on my Instagram highlights to see how I would get on.

Now I’ve decided that I really wanted to put them on here, so let me know if you like this idea too! I always find them interesting to read, personally.


I’m pleased to say I accomplished all of my April goals! I went somewhere new (a new hairdressers and a spa break in Sheffield), I did something new (started practicing calligraphy), and… I read 2.5 books instead of 3, but I’ll take that as a win.


The first of my May Goals is to COOK MORE. As you probably know I’m loving baking at the moment, but cooking is a bit of a downfall for me, and I don’t enjoy it as much as the former, unfortunately. Although the last few days I have started cooking a bit more already, so hopefully that will continue. I made some yummy tacos that I really enjoyed!

I also want to FOCUS ON MY PHOTOGRAPHY more this month, specifically challenging myself for more creative shots. I’m pretty sure this one will happen, especially as I am currently on the Bloom & Grow Instagram course. (Let me know if you’d like a post about that when I’m finished?)

Lastly, my final goal for May is to START RUNNING AGAIN. Whether this is outside or on a treadmill, I really want to take up running again. Even though it’s definitely the exercise I feel is the hardest for me, I’m ready to lay off the cross-trainer a little and hit the treadmill. I’m not planning on tracking any miles I do (most likely because they won’t be very far), I just want to be able to enjoy a half hour run without stopping.


Do you have any goals for May?



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