Happy November! We are at the last two months of 2019 which is pretty hard to believe if you ask me. But before we get ahead of ourselves, lets see how my goals went for October.


Keep it up! Tick. I’ve downloaded the Habit Tracker on my phone, which is helping me keep track of my healthy habits like yoga, running, and meditating. I’ve even put face masks and blog post writing on there so I make sure I do both twice a week. Sometimes you have to put it on a to-do list to make sure you actually do it!

Worry less. Unfortunately this hasn’t really happened due to other circumstances, but I do really need to stop worrying about what might happen in the future, especially when I can’t control it! It’s so frustrating but sometimes I just can’t switch my mind off, particularly on an evening before I go to sleep. I’m not sure how to do this though so if anyone has any tips that has worked for them, I’d love to hear them.

Become more of a morning person. I now do a few earlier mornings at work instead of afternoon shifts which has definitely helped in making me enjoy mornings more. I get so much more done when I get up earlier (obvious but true).



Practice piano more. I think I started piano at the beginning of this year, although I can’t quite really remember. I’m very lucky in that my stepdad has one at their house that I can practice on! I’ve been working my way through a piano teaching book and ideally I’d like to finish it before the end of the year. I’ve improved so much since I first started and it shows that practice really does pay off. It’s a hobby I massively enjoy!

Appreciate free time when it comes. In November I want to relish the free time that I have, and make the most of it, especially before the busy festive season approaches (although it still feels far too early to even talk about that?). I’m definitely prone to filling in all the free-time I do have with stuff, which sometimes is great and other times you just need to chill out a bit.

Start on the shopping! And be mindful of purchases and where I could make better more sustainable choices). I’m focusing this year on buying more meaningful, useful gifts instead of things that people might not use (I always try my best not to do this anyway. I hate clutter and plastic crap!).


Do you have any goals for November?

  • These sound like great goals Natalie! Especially the one about appreciating free tme when it comes; I’m already feeling overwhelmed at how jam-packed my diary is getting in the lead up to Christmas. Have a wonderful week (and month)! x

    • I can imagine, it always goes so crazy this time of year doesn’t it! Xx

  • Great goals especially the sustainable one . I don’t have any goal really. Apart carry on my diet as I am a big girl and joining a gym. I actually chooses the gym already I just need to buy few gear such as trainers etc. as I don’t have any of those essential things.

  • I love these goals! I worry a LOT too. One thing I like to do each night before going to bed is to write down my worries in a notebook. Then I put a X against the ones I can’t change and a tick against the ones I can at a future date. I also write in my gratitude book. Yay to more piano practice! This makes me want to practise the piano more too!