I really love creating monthly goals for me to focus on throughout the next few weeks, and I always feel so productive when I achieve them, they really keep me on a positive track. With that being said, it’s time to check in for October’s goals and what’s in store for November…



Listen to my body more. Kind of a tricky goal to measure, but I feel like I really did listen to my body a lot more this month, and I kept reminding myself of this goal in particular. When my body felt tired, I didn’t push it in my workouts and rested instead. When I was craving specific foods, I let myself enjoy them without feeling guilty about it. I really want to keep this up!

Re-do our bedroom. FINALLY this happened! I’ve been wanting to do this for months on end, and we ordered two ladder shelves for our bedside tables, put some of the prints in storage so it feels less cluttered, and Dan put the TV on the wall too. I can’t say how nice it feels to actually like our bedroom again and enjoy spending time in there without seeing things I wanted to change. A more minimal, less busy space works so well for me and I definitely hope I remember that in the future.

Declutter and change up my Autumn wardrobe. Another goal ticked off the list! I re-organised my wardrobe at the beginning of the month, took bags to the charity shop, and now I have a dedicated space to summer, and winter clothes. It looks so much better! I’ve also purchased a few skirts that I can wear both for work and outside, and a new winter coat/jumper/tights. I’d say I’m very satisfied with how it’s looking at the minute.



Mantra work. I’ve always enjoyed using positive affirmations and mantra’s in my everyday life, but most days I forget about them to be completely honest. I really want to make it part of my evening routine where I sit and read out some mantras, and use my crystals alongside that to bring a sense of calmness before settling down to sleep.

Complete my festive shopping. Most years I leave it till at least December to start buying gifts, but I want to change that this year and hopefully I’ll feel a lot calmer when the time comes. I already have a list of what I want to get, so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge!

Start learning the piano! I spent a while learning the keyboard in my pre-teenage years, but it didn’t amount to that much and I wasn’t in love with it. However, after spending time having fun on my stepdad’s piano, I think it’d be great to learn playing it. He’s a great piano player and he says he would happily teach me, I’ve ordered a beginners guide too on Amazon so I’m hoping this should be a fun goal to work towards this November.


Do you have any goals for November? 






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