I have to say, September has probably been my favourite month of the year so far! It just felt like a month of pure joy and it was the happiest I’ve ever been I think. So I’m definitely hoping this feeling continues into October, but lets see how I did with my goals first…



Don’t be as hard on myself. Granted this was kind of a tricky one to manage, but I tried hard this month to go easier on myself and calm the negative self-talk. Obviously this is something to still work on, but I feel I have achieved it at times and I’m also trying to include more positive affirmations in my everyday life which I always think helps too.

Keep up running. I feel very proud of myself to say I kept up with Couch to 5k this month, and I’ve just started week 5 which is exciting! I’m only one run in so far but it wasn’t as awful as I thought it was going to be. I think my stamina has improved a lot whilst doing it so far.

Spend more time on the blog. I FINALLY got all our wedding posts up, and it was such a nice thing to share on the blog. They seem to of went down a treat, so thank you to you guys for following along and reading them!



Listen to my body more. This is something that I’ve been on quite a journey with, but in October I want to focus on listening to my body more. Seeing if it wants to work out, rest, and what type of foods I’m really craving instead of just heading to get biscuits as soon as my tummy grumbles (I don’t do that all the time, but sometimes I swear you can’t stop me!)

Re-do our bedroom! We’re not planning a total massive over-haul of our bedroom, but we want to change our bedside tables into ladder shelves, and maybe mix up the decor in there a little. I think October will be the perfect month to do this.

Declutter and change up my Autumn wardrobe. I’m a bit flaky when it comes to clothes, they aren’t my favourite thing in the world but I do like to feel nice and look good, and I’ve spotted a few stuff hanging up in my wardrobe that I’m not as keen on anymore, so I need to have a good sort through. I always give my clothes to charity once I’m done with them. With giving things away, I’ll need to pick up a few bits to replace them and I’m looking forward to seeing a few newer pieces in my clothes stash.


Do you have any goals for October?


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