I’ve had the idea to document what my perfect weekend would look like, and because it will obviously be filled with my favourite things, I’m so excited to write it! 🙂


I would definitely start my perfect weekend with a lazy Saturday morning! Maybe treating myself to a pastry and a cup of tea in bed, followed by some stretchy yoga and an Instagram scroll. I love the feeling of there being nothing to rush around for and I can take my time doing what I please.


The other weekend we went for a long walk at a local lakeside property, (along with an ice cream, of course) and I have to say, being surrounded by green is one of my favourite things. It just instantly makes me feel calmer and I love hearing all the wildlife outside.


Yep, I’m adding an afternoon nap to my list! Over the recent weeks I’ve become such a fan of napping, I don’t even need that long. Just half an hour and it makes me feel so refreshed and like a new person again!


I find baking so therapeutic, and I love spending time making healthy treats that I can enjoy throughout the week. It’s an activity where my mind completely shuts off and I go into a really meditate state, just enjoying the process. Plus, I get to eat one with a cup of tea afterwards so it’s a total win-win situation.


Whether that’s painting (on my legs, naturally, then taking a photo), creating a photo for the weekend hashtag project on Instagram, or starting a new embroidery, fitting in some time on a weekend to be creative will be high on my list.

Spending time to be creative really makes me feel happy and my cup re-filled 🙂


How would you spend your perfect weekend? I would love to know!


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