August was a really tough month, so the fact that we are now in September makes me so happy! I’m ready to start a fresh month and make new goals I’m excited about.


Develop a better sleep routine
Now this one hasn’t exactly gone to plan, as I kind of expected. I’ve always had trouble falling to sleep. Some nights I feel like I’m getting there and have a good bedtime routine, and other nights I’m laid there awake. But as of recently? It’s definitely getting better so I hope it continues.

Go through my wardrobe
Yep, I did it! And it feels so much better now. I gave loads of stuff to charity and totally re-organised my wardrobe too.

Take it a day at a time 
I feel like I did do this this month. It’s something I want to carry on with because it really can help me feel better with managing day to day life.


Fill up my creative cup!
It feels a while since I’ve done any painting, or baking, or even trying to knit (again!). I want to dedicate some time in September to fill my creativity back up to its fullest level.

A daily gratitude list 
This is something I haven’t done for a few months, but I know the positive effect it has on me when I make it a routine. Over the last few nights I’ve been journaling 3 things I’m grateful for and it always makes me see the day as a bigger picture.

Be silly, have fun, daydream.
Sometimes life gets serious and with that, it pulls you into a darker place. But, I love life, I love being silly and feeling like I’m 5 years old again, daydreaming and using my imagination. Basically, this month, I want to have fun. I want to laugh, sing, dance and just feel lighter. 


What are your September goals?


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