August has felt like a weirdly long month, and when I looked back on my goals it kind of felt like a different person writing them! Maybe I’ve just learned a lot about myself this month, so let’s check in..


Publish wedding posts. I for sure definitely didn’t do this one, but that’s because our photos don’t actually arrive until a few days time, but I’m planning on getting them all out before September ends! I did post a sneak peek of our wedding though, so maybe that’s half a goal?

Relish time at home. I absolutely made the most of a quiet(ish) month at home, and I loved every moment! Lots of reading, meditating, Crash bandicoot playing and baking, it was so lovely and very much needed. For some reason I also feel like I did a LOT of cleaning this month! I just can’t stand a messy house…anyone else?

Be more experimental with food. August was a month where I definitely tried lots of different foods. I had my Grandad’s homemade beetroot, different Indian dishes and whipped up a few smoothies thanks to my amazing £20 bargain of a juicer. Hopefully this will continue as I definitely get in a bit of a funk with food.



Don’t be as hard on myself. Something I think we’re all pretty good at right? This month I really want to watch how I talk to myself, and be as kind and loving as possible as I would to a friend or family member. I find it so bizzare how mean and unforgiving we can be to ourselves, when we can be openly compassionate for others. I want to use more positive affirmations in getting my self-talk a lot more positive than it is currently. I’ll keep you updated!

Keep up running. This month I started ‘Couch to 5k’ with the family and honestly, I’ve loved it. It feels totally achievable, and an actual fun way to run instead of just hopping on a treadmill and trying to look at the timer for 30 minutes. I think the stopping/starting method has really upped my stamina, and it means we spend time together as a family AND get some well-needed fresh air at the same time. We are currently on week 3 so hopefully September will involve more running for us!

Spend more time on my blog. I feel like I’ve really neglected the blog recently, but thanks to my post about bringing my blog back to basics, I’m ready to spend more time than ever on this little website, and get to a place where I feel happy and content with it. I want to write more posts, look at my layout and fix any niggles, and have a brainstorm about future ideas too.


Do you have any goals for September?



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