I really enjoyed the last post I did like this, so I’m bringing it back for round two! It was quite a mixed bag of a week, but at least I’ll have it noted down if I ever want to look back at it in a few years.



After a busy day in York yesterday, we headed home to enjoy the sunshine on our home turf. After I enjoyed a few hours in bed having a much needed nap, I played around taking a few pictures for a bit of creative play!


Monday was my first day back at work in over a week, so it was quite tough going, not gonna lie! But I managed to get loads done and be really productive, and then since the sun was out when I got back, I had some self-care time sitting outside reading with a vegan Magnum. It was exactly what I needed.




Tuesday was another work day, but since this week I’m really trying to up my self-care, I meditated in the morning which is usually something I save for later in the day. I did really enjoy it though so maybe I should do it more often. I also did some painting after work which I haven’t done for ages, but I missed it a lot so hopefully I’ll be able to do more of that this week. I also managed to go for a run too after work and rewarded myself with dark chocolate and a hot bath afterwards, perfect.


Wednesday was a chilled out day at home, purely due to the fact that we were going to London that evening to stay overnight at my sisters. I spent ages that afternoon working on this photo and it ended up really well-received on Instagram, which made me happy.


A London day! Mainly spent cuddling my new nephew who turned 2 weeks that very day! It was so nice to see them and spend some quality time together, and then I arrived home that evening and had the longest bath ever, and a super good sleep.


London and travelling always tires me out, so I made sure I had a day at home to rest and recuperate, reunited with Harvey my best bud of course!


To be completely honest, Saturday was a bit of a day.¬†I’m not too sure why, maybe a bit of cabin fever or over-tiredness but I felt super fed up and emotional. I managed to perk myself up a bit later on in the day and went to see my dad in the evening! I also went on my mum’s shoulder massage machine which feels INCREDIBLE! You need one, it wasn’t expensive and I think it was from Amazon.


Thankfully by Sunday I was feeling much better, and I started my day with a 3k run! We headed out to see family, then went to our local pub for a drink outside, and we spent the evening in watching TV. A pretty good Sunday if you ask me!

How did your week go? Looking back I realised mine was quite cluttered, so no wonder last Monday felt like a long time ago!


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