I think in all areas of life, we don’t shout about something until we feel we’ve ‘achieved’ it. We don’t celebrate our journeys to the goal, only the outcome.

We feel we have to have the best blog, a like-worthy Instagram feed, and be able to nail a yoga headstand just because everyone else can seem to. Lets not think about the time and effort it takes to get there, we want it now. We don’t want to seem like the new girl who’s lagging behind, quite like me on the 800m in high school.

We don’t embrace being a beginner.

The beauty and excitement of starting something fresh can invigorate us and make us feel alive, it shows us that life can be whatever we want and our possibilities are endless.

Yet we shun it away and act like it’s something to feel embarrassed or ashamed of. We don’t want to admit that we don’t quite know what we’re doing yet, we haven’t figured it all out. (Spoiler: no-one actually has it figured out either, promise)

I want to start celebrating the fact that YES I am a beginner in this. Yes I’m trying out a new Instagram theme, yes I’m learning new yoga poses, and YES where my blog is concerned, I’ve only just begun. And really, how bloody exciting is that?

Life is what we make it, and there’s nothing quite like starting something new, and being a beginner. Hold on for the awesome journey that’s to come.

Are you going to join me in celebrating being a beginner too?


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