I’ve never realised before that I’ve always judged how far I’m going, and especially the good in what I’m doing, by comparing it with other people and their own journey.

And as scary as writing that sentence is, it’s really made me realise how stupid it is too.

Something I often forget is that we are on our own journey. Of course we can connect and relate to one another, which is a wonderful thing in itself and makes us realise we aren’t alone in our struggles, but we all have our own path filled with things that are so individual to us.

Although we may be similar, various parts of our lives may be completely different and we are all coping with entirely different things, so how silly would it be to compare your career path, blogging goal, or follower count to that of another. You never know what is going on behind that girls Instagram grid or struggles are behind that smile.

For me recently, a productive day looks a lot different than it did before. It doesn’t mean rushing around doing 3 different jobs, a gym session, cleaning the house and a food shop. It could mean getting out for a walk or doing something successfully without my anxiety. Sometimes it might even mean just getting out of bed and getting dressed.

Remember that you must always go at your own pace, don’t compare your life to another as that would be an injustice of yourself. You are here to carve your own path and be your own person. You were made for that specific reason. How wonderful is that?

Remember that we are all on our own individual journey. Life isn’t a competition with other people.

Go at your own pace.

There’s no rush.



Do you struggle with going at your own pace?


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