Having a diary works wonders for my life, in all ways. It keeps me organised, feeling in control, and lets me be as productive as I possibly can! I wanted to chat today about how I plan my week, incase you were interested in starting a diary too, especially if your a lover of routine like myself! Lets get into it..



First up, we have the essentials. These are things like lunch, dinner, work, sleep! The stuff we need to do, and also the things we have to do. Other tasks like doing the food shopping and paying bills also comes into play here, so make sure you schedule those in too.



Also just as important, is your down-time. Time to rest, relax and re-charge. Make sure you include at least 2-3 times this week where you are doing something for your own health. That could be having an early night, a pamper routine, or taking yourself on a solo cinema date- anything that will benefit your physical or emotional well-being.



The fun part, right? An afternoon writing blog posts (or maybe the afternoon off?), a coffee and cake with a friend, or cooking dinner for a loved one. We all need a bit of fun in our lives, so lets go out there and make it happen. My fun comes in lots of areas, my yoga class, family time, baking, even just going out for a meal with Dan. They keep me happy.



It’s necessary to leave some blank spaces in our lives, and diaries, incase anything surprising pops up. I like to leave one or two evenings free a week just so that if we want to be spontaneous, we can be!



Top Tips:

  • Always have something to look forward to, it keeps you feeling positive.
  • Plan your days in advance by at least 3 days. That should be enough time so you don’t feel overwhelmed, or frantic and unorganised.
  • Share your calendars with the important people in your life so everyone is connected!
  • Try bullet journalling and get doodling!
  • Organise some time each day to look at your diary for the days ahead so you feel in the loop.
  • Treat yourself to some personalised stationary and make it pretty.

    Do you plan out your week? Does it look different to how I do it?


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