I’ve realised that I use certain apps and particular methods to keep my blog ticking over nicely, so I thought today I’d share with you what helps me, kind of like my blogging toolkit if you will!


A journal

A few months ago I bought myself a creative journal that I’m now obsessed with! I use it for all things blogging, and also Instagram idea’s too. I find it so handy having everything in one place, whether that’s blog post plans, or things I want to brainstorm more about. I create a blogging to-do list for myself every week in my creative journal which makes me feel very organised, and means I know what I need to do for which posts that are going live that week!



I bought my own domain from Godaddy, but I blog on the WordPress platform. I love it and find it so easy to use, although a few years ago I did use Blogger which is still good, especially if you’re new to blogging and want something a bit more straight-forward.



For every blog post, I make a Pinterest graphic on Canva to use once the blog goes live, but in all honesty I’m not that knowledgeable where Pinterest is concerned so I don’t have any tips I’m afraid!



Every post gets published on Bloglovin, which even though gets a hard time, I still use it everyday and I think many others do too. It’s where I go to read most of my favourite blogs as everything is in one place which makes it a lot less faffy.



I schedule all my tweets on Buffer (I just use the free version, which means I do it every few days) where I promote all my blog posts. I’m not sure how much of my blog traffic comes from Twitter, but I do have a fair few followers over there so I guess it can’t do any harm. I usually do about 4 tweets a day and space them out throughout evenly.


Tea, and snacks!

Of course if your blogging, you need tea and snacks right? I always have a cuppa next to me when I’m doing my blogging mojo, plus a sweet treat next to me to keep my energy levels up ūüėČ It’s an essential isn’t it!


What’s in your blogging toolkit?

Is it just me or did July absolutely fly by? I suppose a lot of the time that month was in the build up to the wedding, so lets see how I did with my goals.



Get back in the gym at least once a week.¬†At the beginning of the month I really did well with this one, I was going to the gym at least once, sometimes even twice a week! However in the last two weeks of July I didn’t go at all. I’m hoping to get back on the gym train this weekend as I write this, I really would like to fall back in love with it again, but I’m not quite there yet.

Cut down on sugar.¬†I feel like I definitely achieved this one, and it was quite a learning curve for me. I definitely have kicked my biscuit habit into touch, and I don’t seem to miss them either which is great news! I did a post about my first week cutting down on sugar here. Preparing and making my own healthy snacks makes such a difference, so that’s something I will be taking with me from this month.

Live slower.¬†I can safely say I lived a lot slower in July, and really made the most of the build-up to the wedding. I savoured every slow morning, every afternoon nap (there was a LOT of them as I wasn’t sleeping well), and I read so much too. It was blissful!




Publish wedding posts.¬†Incase you missed it, we got married!¬†When we get the photos back from the photographer I’m planning on doing a whole full week of wedding posts, from the morning to the evening, what makeup I wore, the facial I gave myself the night before… basically, everything! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Relish time at home. August is looking like a quiet month for us, apart from the odd family day out, so I really want to relish spending time at home. We need to do some major spring (well, summer) cleans, definitely have another weekend BBQ if the weather holds out, and maybe mix things around interior wise in the house too.

Be more experimental with food.¬†I can easily get in a routine with food, eating the same things everyday. Sometimes, it can get a tad boring, so this month I want to try new things. Make different meals, eat new vegetables I don’t normally, and mix up my lunches, especially for work.


Do you have any goals for August?

When the lovely Jaye whipped up a post on her favourite face masks for summer, I knew immediately I had to throw my own recommendations in the mix. Thankfully, I did ask her and she let me steal her post idea, what a gem.

Lets get cracking then, shall we?



I feel like this guy has lasted me so long, and I bloody love it! (Although I probably should throw mine away and buy a new one by now). It’s around ¬£6.00, kind of grainy in texture, but it dries really quickly. My skin always looks super glowy and healthy afterwards, which is definitely what I’m looking for this summer.

I really want to try more of L’oreal’s other face masks, so I’d love to hear your recommendations!


Whenever my skin¬†has broken out, this is the face mask I reach for. I’d go as close to say it’s a miracle worker. It leaves your skin feeling so much less congested than it was previously, and spots¬†have always shrunk down massively too.

If I had to choose my favourite out of these three, I’d probably pick this one! It’s more pricey than a drugstore option, but it honestly can last you so long and there’s nothing quite like the feeling it leaves you when you’re skin just feels… happy. Even writing about it is making me want to run to the bathroom to put it on!



I’ve had this face mask for ages, but I’ve only really start loving these past few months. I use it after my evening moisturiser personally, and in the morning my skin feels so much more plump and hydrated. It can be a bit sticky at first, but it soon sinks into the skin leaving it baby soft!

Most of my skin problems seem to be linked to dehydration, which is funny as I’m forever drinking water, but this is my go-to for most nights of the week and it does a great job. Highly recommend!


What face masks have you been using this summer?


You are not your past.

You are not your mistakes, the second chances you gave that didn’t work out, the gut feelings you decided to ignore.

You are not your failures, the life changes that didn’t make it through and the dreams that you didn’t reach.

You are whatever you want to be, today. You can choose it.

You can decide to let the past be, and write yourself a new story. One where YOU are the author. And you can give yourself permission to fuck up, accept it, heck, even own it! Then move on.

And turn it into a positive. Make it a stepping stone to your success. Because you can do it, you know? It’s all out there waiting for you, ready to take it.

Be brave.

It’s all going to work out, I promise.


Sometimes changes happen without you really noticing it. And it’s only when you sit down and think, do you realise how much effort you’ve been putting into in your life, ready to see a difference.

Today’s post is all about the new changes I’ve been making in the current months, and maybe more importantly, why I’ve started making them in the first place.


I’ve always been pretty good at knowing my limits, but last year I really pushed myself past them, and it never ends well does it?

I’ve really started tuning into my body and mind more, and if it feels like I’m cramming too much into my day, I make the sensible decision and delegate where I can. For example, when I’m writing this, I’ve just got back from work. In a few hours I have a couple of errands to run, plus my dad also needs picking up from the station. Then I’ve got to zoom back in time to have my dinner and go to my yoga class. For me, that seems a bit much, especially when I want to have slower days in the run up to the wedding. So I’m asking Dan if he can pick my Dad up for me instead. It’s not about being lazy or selfish, it’s about knowing when you’re stretching yourself a little too thin than what is good for you.


All my life I’ve had a wild imagination, and it’s nice to be using it for a positive reason, instead of over-thinking. Of course, I’m talking about my Instagram! I’m loving coming up with different ideas and how I can showcase my creativity. Plus, it’s fun that it involves Harvey (my dog too). Head on over and let me know what you think.


I’ve always been the type of person to love days at home, but I find if I have too many of them, I easily start feeling really down and lonely. On the other hand, if I have a few too many busy days in a row, I get really burned out. Luckily, I have a great support network and I’ve managed to create a great work schedule which means I have one day off work, aswell as a few afternoons too.

That way, I look forward to planning things for me to do and spending my afternoons how I’d like- catching up on Netflix, reading outside, blogging, baking etc. And when I am busy, instead of it becoming a slog, I really embrace it and make the most of the company I’m with.

All in all, I’m really happy with how things are going lately, and I hope my positivity shines through this post too!


Have you made any new changes recently?