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Well, this seems a bit familiar doesn’t it? I don’t know about you, but the last 6 months still seem like some kind of diaster movie to me. It’s hard to believe that we went through what we went through, AND that we’re still going through it.

I think we all knew a second wave *I hate typing that so much* was bound to happen when people disrespected the boundaries set (not that they were even clear to begin with to be honest). It still baffles me that you could go abroad for a holiday in the midst of a global pandemic, but lets not go into that. (Unless of course you had medical/personal emergencies, I’m more talking about the celebrities in 5 star hotels for a summer fiesta).

Personally, things this time have been really tough due to some family illnesses, but we’re hopeful that things are now finally starting to look up. When this all happened in March, my life really didn’t change that much, to be honest. I know a lot of you might relate? But after 6 months, even if I don’t want to go to x, y and z, I would like the option to. If that makes sense? I’m a homebird at heart, but sometimes it’s nice to go out and have a change of scenery, and it makes coming home that much sweeter. When the news talks about all of this lasting well until 2021 and even beyond that, it does feel suffocating.

I know particular towns and cities are starting to lockdown and tighten their restrictions at the moment, and I’m hoping we don’t go to another full national lockdown again, and not just for my own sake, but for the health and well-being of everyone elses too, and their businesses. Definitely having your own company 24/7 7 days a week 4 weeks a month is not healthy. We need others to survive and live a happy healthy life, that’s just the way the world works.

Things that are helping me at the moment is escaping into different things such as Instagram, books and Netflix, and not consuming anything within those realms that are too heavy, I need light and frothy content at the moment. Escaping into another world right now seems pretty awesome to me.

How are you feeling right now?


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2020 has been a wild ride, and you only have to log on to the local news to see that it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, these days at least. I would like to think we are over the worst of it yet, but who knows what life wants to throw at us next.

Having gratitude for small things and little joys have always been a massive part of my life. Even when I was a child, getting home from school and eating a Flake yoghurt watching Art Attack, made me ecstatic and feel so, so happy. I used to be embarrased about how happy these small things made me, but over the years I’ve learnt that it’s actually, quite a great superpower to have. It means on your bad days, there are still glimmers of happiness, and on the great days, they are made even better by those tiny doses of joy.

So, with all that being said, I wanted to share a few of my small joys lately.

  • Babysitting my nephew for the last few days and giving him all of the cuddles and kisses
  • Going up to London for a change, and it makes coming home so much sweeter too, when you’ve been away.
  • Snuggling my Harvey Geoff, our maltipoo
  • Alllll the ice cream (vegan ofc!)
  • Hitting all the daily goals I’ve set myself
  • Feeling creative and inspired with my photo edits
  • My new Alphabet Instagram challenge
  • A great book I’ve just read, The Vanishing Half- highly recommend!
  • This early Autumn sunshine
  • Catching up on my Youtube feed
  • Completing a jigsaw
  • Working on my cross stitch project
  • Skincare routines
  • Great sleep

What’s one thing on your small joys list?


Incase you didn’t know, I’m a massive Taylor Swift fan. Me and my sister have been lucky enough to see her four times (this year was supposed to be the fifth, damn you Corona), and I felt so inspired by her new whimsical album, Folklore, I decided to create a single piece of work for every song on the album.

There’s all on my Instagram, but I wanted to share them on here too.

I’d love to know which one was your favourite?




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For some reason, September is always one of my favourite months. I love the back to school feeling that’s in the air at this time of year, and the fact that the days are still light enough to enjoy too. It feels like being on the cusp of Summer and Autumn, and well, I’m here for it. Anyway, enough of that. Let’s see how I did with my goals for August..


Fitness challenge. This month I set myself quite a lot of daily goals. Me and my mum managed a plank challenge and we completed it! I ended up doing two 5 minute planks over the month, and it was a killer. But I feel so proud of us! I also ran both 15k and a 12k this month, aswell as doing a evening yoga routine every evening and setting up a step quota. It’s felt a really productive month in terms of fitness and goals.

Blog more. Well, I thought I blogged more this month, but on adding them up at the end of the month, I managed the exact same amount of posts as I have every month this year. Maybe I should just realise that a once a week post is all I can manage, but for some reason that’s hard for me to accept. I used to post so much more on here, but since I found creative photography on my Instagram, I don’t have enough time to put into this site anymore. I do still love it though, and it is still one of my passions, I just need to have a good think about what the future holds for me and this blog.


More time offline. I’ve been doing a Folklore edit challenge on my Instagram (post coming soon), so that means I’ve been on my phone A LOT recently. And to be truthful, I’m ready for a little break now. So that’s exactly what I’m planning on doing this month. Putting my phone down more and picking up new habits instead.

Upping my step count. I struggle to get a lot of walking in. I think when you drive to work and most places, it’s hard to get in your daily recommended quota. Because I knew there was no way I could do 10,000 off the bat without no build up, I set my goal to 5,000 and I achieved it every day. Now, I think I’m going to up it another thousand to 6,000, which somedays I’ve been doing anyway. I’ve been feeling so much better since I’ve been moving more and getting outside a lot more, too. I really believe it makes such a difference to your health and well-being.

A new membership! After being tempted the last few weeks, I’ve finally joined Vix’s membership, Grow & Glow. Her zoom masterclass that she did the other week really inspired me and re-ignited a passion for social media, so I bit the bullet and signed up last night. This month I’m excited to dig in to all the resources they have on offer and see where it goes.

Do you have any goals for September?


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Following on from last week’s productivity post, I thought it might be worthwhile if I shared with you today how I plan my week. Granted, this is a very personal routine so it may or may not look like your own week, but I hope it’s interesting nonetheless!

First up, I always have a rough idea of what I’m doing a week in advance, and the weekend before, I use my Circle Planner to plan my diary. This usually isn’t too extreme, aslong as I know what I’m doing on what days, is okay by me. I just need to have a good structure in place so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

The thing that first enters my diary, is work. I work 3 days a week at my mum and stepdads business, mainly doing office work and administration. These days can vary depending on what’s going on, for example if my sister is visiting etc. Next, is exercise. I like to know what days I’m planning on running, and especially if I’m doing a long run, I need not to go overboard on that particular day because I know I’ll need to rest and recover afterwards. Another thing I plan out is family visiting. On what days I will go and see my Dad, or visit my grandma. These are really important things to me that I want to always make sure I have enough time to do.

Those are the three main things in my week, and the rest come afterwards. Everything from food shopping, creativity time, and tidying the house I usually don’t plan in advance, and just fit it in when and as I can. I could properly be a bit more organised in this area, but at the moment I’m fine with it going how it is. If I get busier at work in the future, I know I’ll probably have to be more meticulous to make this smoother.

I like my weekends to be relatively quiet and unorganised, so I usually don’t plan much in advance, and just go with the flow for the weekend, depending on how I feel. So, that’s how I plan my week in a nutshell. In terms of daily routines, I like to use my Habit tracker on my phone which I really recommend.

What does your week look like, does it look similar to mine?

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