Once again, I’m in a chatty mood. So I turn to the blog in the hopes someone might find this vaguely interesting (or is a bit nosey, like me) and talk about my fitness routine at the moment.

No-one has asked for this post, so I’ll keep it relatively short and sweet so as to not bore the socks off you and the dog.

Basically, I’m really enjoying the exercise routine I have now.

It’s flexible, but structured. Meaning I don’t get bored as I’m always doing something different, but also that if I need a day off, I can easily have one.

So what does it look like?

Monday nights, we have my yoga class, probably my favourite part of the week. It’s set in a little local Church meaning the vibe is SO calm and relaxing, plus it’s only a 2 minute walk away for me too.

On Wednesday evenings I hit the gym doing around 30 minutes of cardio, then spending some time doing different exercises with light weights, and mat body work such as planks, squats etc.

Fridays is swimming day! It makes me so happy that I now go every week, because there’s nothing quite like being in the water, for me anyway. I usually spend a good half hour in there, and let me tell you, swimming is NO JOKE. It makes me feel pretty damn tired afterwards and also, so so hungry that I must eat everything in sight.

For the rest of the week I either do a Yoga with Adriene video, or make up my own yoga practice on the mat. I always try to get on there daily as it does a great job of balancing me out, both physically and mentally. This routine really works for me, and doesn’t feel too little, or too much.

So there we have it! Loving this routine at the moment and long may it continue.


What’s your fitness routine looking like lately? I would be super interested to hear!


It’s time for another diary entry blog post! This time about my second hen weekend, which if you haven’t seen on my social media was just the best thing ever. I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going, but my mum and sister completely nailed it!

So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? (This post is going to be rather long and picture heavy, FYI!)


We stayed at the cottages at Raithwaite Hall, in Whitby which was about an hour and half drive away. The views on the way there are beautiful too!

Our cottage was called the Pheasant Cottage, and it was absolutely gorgeous! It had three bedrooms with one en-suite, so we all had our own bedrooms to sleep in. Everything worked perfectly and it felt so cosy and very homely in there. I would love to go back!



It was a gorgeous sunny day on the Friday we arrived, so after a nice cuppa in the cottage we had a walk around the beautiful gardens and had drinks in the sunshine.

The flower gardens are just dreamy, such a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the weather in.


We all then had a private yoga session with a teacher who came to our cottage, and we spent an hour doing some Yin Yoga, which was exactly what we all needed to start the weekend off!

In the evening we had pizza in our cosy abode, and I sat in my pyjamas and veil all night 😉


Saturday morning started with making our own flower crowns, which was the perfect activity for me. They were surprisingly easy to do, and I would highly recommend having a go yourself. I took mine down to the beach, and me and my sister dipped our feet in the cold sea, which was refreshing to say the least!

Saturday afternoon we had our spa treatments, a 30min facial, plus a 30min back and shoulder massage! It was divine. We had afternoon tea in the hotel in our robes which was such a lovely treat 🙂 I’m becoming more obsessed with scones than ever this month!

We went back to the cottage to have a few hours doing our own thing, then got all dressed up for a meal at The Keep, another part of the hotel. We were so full at the end but we just *had* to share an apple and blackberry crumble.

We ended the evening watching My Best Friends Wedding, which most of you guessed correctly on my Instagram stories! The best film.

Sunday started off with another private yoga session, this time it was an hour’s vinyasa flow, which got us all sweaty and was a fab workout.

After that we headed off for another walk in the gardens, before a yummy veggie roast at the hotel.

We spent the evening paddle boarding on River Est with an instructor at 6pm for two hours, which was hands down one of the best (if not, the best) thing I’ve ever done. The views were incredible and so unforgettable, it was like a scene from blue planet!

It’s hard to explain just how beautiful and picturesque it was. Safe to say we both felt it in our bodies the next morning! Even as I’m writing this a few days after, I can still feel the aches! It was definitely a work-out, but such a fun one at that.

And that’s a wrap! What a weekend. Thank you to my lovely mum and amazing sister for all the amazing thought that went into it <3


When Miller Harris contacted me to send me their latest perfume, the totally dreamy scent reminded me of Summer. I love anything with rhubarb in and it’s the perfect scent for those light summer evenings dining al fresco or going to explore a new city for the day.

Anywhoo, I decided to write up a little summer to-do list for these hopefully warm months 🙂

  • Have a water-fight.
  • Put together a yummy summer salad with ingredients you haven’t really tried before.
  • Have a tonne of no-makeup days.
  • Sleep with the windows open- one of my favourite things!
  • Read a whole book in one day.
  • Go on a lovely evening walk- another one of faves!
  • Have a family BBQ, and bring out the games! We’re a fan of Giant Jenga.
  • Paint your nails a gorgeous coral shade.
  • Try watching a new Netflix show.
  • Brainstorm blog posts while sunbathing, but remember your SPF!!!
  • Make your own ice lollies- I really want to do this one!
  • Buy a basket bag, because why the hell not?
  • Start vlogging! It’s so fun, I swear!
  • Create a side passion project.
  • Go on a road trip, bring snacks.
  • Download a new album, your summer needs a soundtrack.


Do you plan to do any of these this Summer?


I can’t believe we are in June already.. is it just me or did May whizz by SO fast?

Before we crack on with my goals for June, I thought I’d do a quick re-cap of how my May ones went.


Experiment with photography. I feel like I definitely got this one in the bag, and thanks to my Bloom and Grow Instagram course I’ve loved putting my creative juices to the test and creating new images. Thankfully you lot on my Instagram seem to love them as much as I do too!

Start running again. This is the goal where I feel like I could of done much better. Although I’ve given the cross-trainer a miss and started doing 20 minute runs on the treadmill in my workouts, that’s only once a week and between yoga and swimming, I honestly haven’t had the energy to include any outdoor runs. Maybe this is one to pick up again in the warmer months.

Cook more. I’ve made some yummy meals this month, which I’m very happy to report! I’ve made veggie fajita’s a good few times, along with some pasta and a homemade tomato and spinach sauce, topped with fresh mozzarella. This month I’ve really enjoyed cooking and found it very therapeutic to unwind after a busy day.



Declutter my wardrobe. You guys know I’m a massive declutter-er and I love to get rid of things a bit too much. But it’s been a few months now and I much prefer going through my wardrobe every few weeks and doing small bits every time, instead of a yearly overhaul. I am literally itching to get in there and see what I can give to charity.

Buy some e-courses- and start them! Sara Tasker’s Bloom & Grow course was the first e-course I’ve ever done, and because I loved it so much, I want to dive in the internet e-course world again! I’ve seen a few yoga ones that I like the look of, so I think I’ll treat myself to one this month as a little side-project to focus on.

Take more photos, not for Instagram. As I mentioned in a post last week, June is by far going to be my busiest month, so I really want to make the most out of that and take more family pictures that can go in an album, instead of ones for Instagram. Selfies with my sister, a holiday sunset, and a group picture at Centreparcs are what I have in my head so far!


Do you have any goals for June?


On kind of a whim I asked on Twitter the other day if anyone would be interested in seeing a post about my experience going for my first smear test, especially being that it was a positive experience, and a lot of you said definitely!

I know myself that you can hear a lot of horror stories that may put you off, so hopefully this might ease the worry a little for you.

I turned 25 in April but I received the letter that my smear test was due just after Christmas, which of course I promptly shrieked, put it in the draw for a few months and tried to forget about!

A few months later I decided I wanted to stop putting important things off, so of course I rang the dentist about the filling I had previously cancelled, and the doctors to see when they could fit me in for my smear. The next date they had was about 6 weeks away, so I would definitely recommend booking as soon as possible incase there’s a long wait.

Over the next few weeks I didn’t really let myself think about it, I knew the procedure and on the morning of the smear I was apprehensive, but quite calm. I made sure I had plans for the rest of the day and thankfully got an 11am appointment, so I just viewed it as being a non-negotiable part of the day to get on with. I was getting it done, going to work after, then an evening yoga class.

Of course one of the worst thing about the doctors is always the massive wait, so after a 20 minute look on Pinterest and playing Hogwarts Mystery, I was called in. My sister told me to mention that it was my first smear as that was something she didn’t do and regretted.

Thankfully I had the loveliest nurse (which I truly think can make all the difference) and she asked if I had any questions, which I didn’t apart from if it hurt, which she said it definitely shouldn’t and to let her know immediately if it did so it could be sorted. I laid on the bed and she pulled the curtain and told me to remove my underwear (pants obviously) and lay on the bed with your knees apart hip distance.

Now let me say that this is a gal who hasn’t even been for a bra fitting, so obviously it’s kinda weird to be laid there with nothing on down below, but we chatted about what I did for work etc. and it was done in literally 2 minutes. It didn’t hurt AT ALL or really feel that uncomfortable, kind of just like using a tampon when I used them a few years ago.

So if you’ve been reading this putting it off or freaking out about it, let me re-assure you that it really is nothing to get worked up about! It isn’t painful, it takes a few minutes and it could be life-saving. So, so worth it.