This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to write for weeks, but I convinced myself I couldn’t do it justice and portray everything I wanted to say, so I kept putting it off. Sophie talked about this in her post here, where she describes it better than I could so do go have a read, she’s a babe.

Anyway, back to the post.

I know I’ve spoken about social media a lot over these last few months, but it’s a big part of my life and a hefty portion of my day, so naturally it is something that I think about. Somedays life can feel like it moves 100mph, and social media triple that. There is always new content out there, and that’s awesome. But it also means social media DOES NOT STOP. ever. But guess what, you can.

We can stop the pointless scrolling and use it more efficiently. We can connect with our friends online, then get on with our day knowing we can check in with them later to chat, if we want to. We can log off early and go to sleep. We can turn our phones off for the majority of the day if we feel like it, it’s okay.

It can feel exhausting to come home from a busy day, and then feel so out of the loop that you have to ‘catch up’ on what you’ve missed, it’s constant and takes up so much precious time. Before I realise it an hour has passed, I haven’t made anything for dinner or even asked Dan how his day went. Which makes me feel like an AWFUL human.

At the end of the day, it’s awesome to stay connected to the online world, but a part of it IS online, not real day to day life unfortunately.

From now on, I’m going to accept that I will never fully catch up on what I’ve missed when I haven’t been active online, and that’s totally okay. I’m going to be living life in the meantime.

Can you relate?


I love compiling together posts from lovely people of the Blogosphere that I’ve read recently and adored. I am all about spreading the love, if it inspired me, it might inspire you too!


  • Laura’s post about Saying No was so relatable to me, and definitely gave something to think about!
  • I loved Amie’s post on Being Selfish and it had me nodding the whole way through. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first.
  • Anything Diana writes is golden to me, and this post on You Can’t Be Everything  didn’t disappoint.
  • For some reason, Kat pulls it out of the bag on *every* single post. Her post on Letting Go was exactly what I needed to read.
  • I love Rhianna’s blog, and her post on Choosing What To Care About summed up exactly what I was going through in my own mind too. You need to read this.
  • Whenever Chloe has a new post on, you can bet I’m there. This post about A Career Kick Up The Arse had me feeling SO inspired.
  • Rebecca’s post on What To Do If Your 2018 Got Off To A Bad Start was really comforting to me as someone who started the year with a bad cold and massive overwhelm.
  • I always really enjoy Paula’s post and this one about 10 Ways to Unwind After A Bad Day. It is FULL of handy tips when you’re feeling a bit down after a sucky day.


Have you read any of these? What post have you loved lately?

journal on a bed



I’ve wrote in my journal everyday for the last 3 years but it’s not something I’ve spoken about that much on the blog, even though it’s a pretty big part of my routine! Today I wanted to share a little bit why I do it, and what exactly, I’m writing.



Whenever I get back after a great day, you can bet I run to my journal and write all about it (I’m so cool aren’t I?). I just adore the idea of re-reading amazing days when I’m older and reminiscing about everything that went on and what we got up to. I never want to miss out any important details! A few years ago I found some old secret diaries when I was little (you know the ones with the genuine padlock) and it was so funny to read back.



If I’ve had a day where nothing interesting has happened, I use my journal to write down 3 things that I’m grateful for. Being honest, this is probably what I use it most for, and it always keep me feeling positive and remembering the things in my life that I have and am thankful for. Something I’d definitely recommend for everyone to do, for sure. I try and make it different every time instead of just being generic. Things like seeing the sunset whilst I was walking the dog, or the fact that I wore my favourite earrings etc. It’s like a random collection of little moments that keep me going.


The bad days, the days where I feel lost and confused, that’s when I head to my journal and just write. About anything that comes to mind, I have no set plan. Some days it can just end up as doodles, but it really helps me work through all of my different feelings, and I always feel calmer when I’ve finished. There’s just something so therapeutic about being honest with your feelings, putting them into words, and letting them go. I always come away feeling just that little bit lighter than before.

Other things you can journal:

  • To-do list for the day
  • Meal planning
  • Goals for the month
  • Birthday wish-list
  • Doodling
  • Collecting quotes
  • Blog post ideas
  • Budget planning
  • Places you want to visit

Do you journal? If so, how do you use yours?



It’s been a while since my last beauty post (do I literally say that every time?) and in the same style as my favourite moisturisers I wanted to do a post on my favourite makeup bases.

Before we get into the good stuff, I don’t like anything that is heavy coverage, and prefer dewy bases. I break out easily so thankfully none of these bring me any blemishes!

The newest addition to my bases is Glossier Skin Tint. This is perfect for when you don’t want to wear much on your skin, but you do want a little bit of something, just incase you end up going out. It’s quite sheer, but because I’m not a fan of heavy bases this is amazing for me. I think this is going to be a long lived favourite of mine.

The next base is marketed as a hybrid skincare-makeup product, and it’s the Dr Jart BB Cream. This as more coverage than you might expect, although for obvious reasons it doesn’t last the longest, nor would I really expect it to. It’s a great lightweight base that’s super easy to blend in.

Two of my favourite base products are foundations. I love the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation because it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin but gives you great coverage and a dewy fresh base, it has pretty good staying power too and I’m not a massive powder-er I must admit.

I also really enjoy the L’oreal Cushion foundation, and every time I use it I berate the fact that I haven’t used it more! It really leaves my skin looking its best, definitely one to have a peak at the next time you’re at the shops.

Another new pick is the Rimmel Match Perfection. I’ve heard such good things about this I just *had* to pick it up, and I’m so happy with it. I’ve been using it every time I wear makeup for the last couple of weeks and it’s a becoming a bit of a love-fest to be honest. It gives really good coverage but just looks like skin. I know, I don’t know how they do it either.


What’s your favourite base? I would love to hear your recommendations!



I love my blog.

It sounds quite a bold, self-assured statement to put out there doesn’t it? But really, why would we continue writing one if we didn’t? I’m sure most of us do this to fufill something inside of ourselves, so it’s natural that we should love and care about what we publish.

In the days of everyone rebranding and losing blog motivation, I wanted to share why I love my little space on the internet, why I’m HAPPY with it, and not planning on changing it anytime soon.

It might sound silly to say, but my site is truly ME. Of course it’s not perfect and there will for sure be a few mistakes here and there (like myself, might I add) but it reflects my personality, the fact that I don’t have a topic schedule and post about whatever is in my brain, is exactly how I am in real life too. I’m always thinking about something, the topic varies every time. Some days I want to write something more heartfelt, others I like to write a list about things I’m happy about. I feel no restrictions here and I love that.

I don’t have amazing photography, which is something I’m still learning, but the words is what I’m passionate about sharing. Connecting with others from what my hands are typing to your eyes reading, that’s important to me and I think I’m doing myself justice. Well, even if you don’t agree I don’t ever publish something I’m not happy with, but hopefully you like it too!

In the future the lay-out might get more stream-lined and look a bit more professional, but in the background I’ll always be here, the same girl. I’ll never be anyone else or try to pretend to (no matter how successful they may be), and I promise to always be as honest and open and encouraging as I am today.

I started Natalie Leanne in April 2016 and it was the best decision ever.

Lets continue enjoying the ride together