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The last few years, I’ve really tuned into what has made me feel good. Certain habits and mindful activities that I could do, which I know would benefit both my physical and mental wellbeing. Plus, the fact that I actually enjoy them means I can stick to them more easily too. For todays post, I thought I’d share them with you and give you more of an insight into my daily life.


For me, thats in the form of yoga, HIIT workouts and running. I mix them up throughout the week depending on how I’m feeling or what goals I’m working towards. Doing some form of exercise everyday though is important for me, unless I’m having a rest day, in which case I’ll do some gentle walks and short yin-yoga routines instead.


Carrying on from the last point, making sure I at least get out for a walk once a day, in nature is crucial. I know it always makes me feel better no matter what kind of day I’m having. Obviously it’s a bit harder to motivate yourself when it’s pouring it down outside, but popping on a podcast helps!


Something I’ve learnt since having my own home, is that it’s true what my mums always said, a tidy home equals a tidy mind. I do most of my cleaning while catching up on Youtube, which I must say makes the time pass a lot quicker too! My trick is little and often everyday, so I don’t have to go full steam ahead every weekend.


I don’t talk much about diet or food on here, one because it’s so individual to every person, and two because lord knows I’ve been on such a journey with it myself. But I try to make sure every single day I’m having a few portions of fruit and vegetables, and that way I don’t mind treating myself to some vegan ice cream at the end of the day either.


I like to try and do something creative most days. Whether that’s working on a new photo edit, writing a blog post, or even giving myself a new manicure. Sometimes you need a creative break, which is totally okay, but I’ve found other times that creativity does breed more of the same.


My family are my best friends, so I need to check in with them multiple times a day. That can be a quick Facetime call with my nephew, going to see my grandma or ringing my dad while I’m on a walk.


Baths are one of my favourite things ever, and I can say that I love every single one I take. I’m a water baby, I need it! Follow that with another favourite of mine- skincare, and I’m a happy girl.


I’m a big reader, and I like to end every evening reading my book. I always choose fiction before bed, because it makes me switch off more and is more of an escape, I’ve found. I try to cap it to an hour maximum, but sometimes a book is just so good you don’t want to stop reading it! I’m currently reading Girl, Woman, Other and it’s really great so far. I’ve been thinking of doing a ‘reading tips’ post on how to read more, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing on here.

Do you do any of these everyday, to make sure you feel good?


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It feels weird to think we are finally in summer, as much as you can be in the UK anyway. I love all the seasons, but I definitely think summer is my favourite. The hot weather, floral dresses, ice-cold drinks and sitting outside eating, reading, relaxing. Obviously it’s going to be very different this year given the whole corona situation, but I still want to enjoy the summer of 2020, because if this year has taught us anything, surely it’s that life is for living?


  • Sit outside in the sunshine and read my book.
  • Get the paddling pool out again.
  • Have a go at making a smoothie bowl.
  • Do yoga outside.
  • Enjoy more evenings sat outside after a cool shower, reading a magazine or catching up on podcasts.
  • Sleep with the windows open.
  • Go to the beach!
  • Do more body brushing.
  • Workout outside.
  • Walk more.
  • Wear neon nail polish.
  • Try a new hair braid.
  • Go somewhere new.
  • Spend time with family.
  • Wear SPF- obviously.


What do you have on your summer bucket list?


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I thought it’s time for another life lately post. The stuff I’ve been doing these past few weeks, general chit-chat and waffle that might be interesting to some of you guys, or might not! Who knows. All I know is that I fancy blogging today, and this is what I’ve come up with.

watching.. I’m watching Caroline Hirons Instagram lives (she uploads them on to IGTV) and since I’ve been following her regliously since lockdown started, my skin is the best it’s ever seen! Which is such a big deal for me when I’ve never had good skin before. I’ve got her book on the way which I’m so excited to dig into and learn even more.

netflixing… I started Virgin River at the weekend and I’m obsessed! It’s like a cheesy American Christmas movie, but in 10 episodes and also, not based at Christmastime. I’m not sure I’ve ever got through a show so quickly, and there’s another season on the way too which is great news. Highly recommend it if you want some easy cup of tea afternoon watching!

eating… I have ate so much ice-cream these days it’s probably not healthy. I’m trying to wean myself off and since we no longer have any left, it’s doing the trick.

feeling… I’ve been for a run this morning and managed to beat a 5k time that I’ve been working towards since April, so that feels really good.

looking forward to… We’re seeing my sister and nephew this week and I cannot wait. I’m so excited I can’t even.

How’s your week going?


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The month of June seems to of flown by, but also gone super slow, all at the same time somehow. I didn’t set any goals for the month, because I wanted a month of reflection. And that’s definitely what I had. June was a big month for a lot of feelings, and I did do a lot of reflecting and sitting in my feelings. I do want to focus on some small goals for July though, so I’m going to try and choose 3 relatively simple ones that aren’t too hard to try and stick to.

  1. Walk more. I don’t know if it’s because the weather hasn’t been as good lately, so I just haven’t been bothering to go for a long walk, like I did when it was nice and sunny. Getting outside makes such a difference to my mood, and really brightens me up, so I want to at least do one short walk a day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. And YES, even in the rain somedays, because at the end of the day we live in the UK, so it’s unavoidable sometimes.
  2. Use up my skincare products! If you know me, you know I LOVE skincare. I’m obsessed. I have a LOT of it, and it’s not even a problem so I won’t say that, but I do want to use up some of the products I already have (yes cleansers, I’m talking to you) and incorporate a few new things into my routine too. Talking of skincare, I’ve been loving Beauty Pie recently after joining it a few months ago. My favourites include the japanfusion cleanser, jeju mist, and their flannels!
  3. Daily happy things. I want to focus in July on doing something a little bit different to make me happy everyday. Some days it’s gonna be ice-cream, but other days it could be picking up a bunch of flowers, doing some nail art, sitting outside for some vitamin D etc. July is going to be quite an up and down month, because whilst we have our second wedding anniversary, it is also the 1st anniversary of losing my Grandad. So focusing on something happy throughout the month will help me stay feeling good I think.


Do you have any goals for July?


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  • This video from Mikaela on being called out, accountability and being an ally.
  • Hollywood on Netflix. I’m half way into the series, and at first I wasn’t sure at all, but before the first episode ended I knew I would really like it! It deals with some insightful issues about race in the film industry.
  • Vegan magnums. I’ve ate a lot of ice cream this week! Which leads me on to..
  • Cool showers! It’s been that hot in the UK recently I’ve been having a cool shower before bed, and it works a treat.
  • This 5 minute night time meditation. I’ve been doing it before bed for the last week or so, and I’m convinced it’s been the number one thing helping me sleep better.
  • Organising a book exchange online. My book has already arrived and it’s been really fun to put together. I hope everyone enjoys what they receive!
  • Charlotte has been doing Instagram lives every Monday morning and I’ve really been enjoying them.
  • Working our way through Buffy season 2. ANGEL FOREVER.
  • Sleeping! I’ve been ill this past week, so I’ve slept a lot, but I feel so much better for it.
  • Facebook groups. I know, I can’t believe it either but turns out, there without a doubt the best thing to come out of that *and not my racist cousins status updates after all*. I’m part of the Caroline Hirons skin freaks, and The Anna Edit’s FB group too and I really like them.
  • The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had. I finished this book yesterday and I just ADORED it. So so good. Add it to your TBR, pronto!


What’s been adding value into your week, this week?

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