This may be the first dupe that I’ve stumbled across.. but once I did, I knew I had to share.

I recently went to Superdrug to pick up a few little re-purchases of stuff I had run out of. I needed a new cleanser as I only had one left (yes, I like to have two cleansers on the go) and I have to admit, I was tempted to go to Boots and get a more high-end lil guy.

However, I stumbled across this Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser and it was half price. Boom! I bought it.

I thought this might break me out because I have very sensitive skin, but nope. It’s incredible! It is an amazing dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, but without no scent. I would also note that it doesn’t seem to be as ‘drying’ as the Liz Earle one can sometimes be.

So the same product for a fraction of the price? I’m into it.


Have you ever tried this cleanser? If you can’t tell, I would really recommend it! 🙂 xx


This past week we took a few days away for some R & R, and headed off to Durham! My sister used to go to University there so I am quite familiar with the town, but its always so nice to go back to such a calm, quaint place!



We also took the (12 minute!!) train to Newcastle for a day as neither of us had been before! We loved it. Would definitely go back!


I posted these pictures on my Instagram, so if you would like you can follow me here! xx


What city have you visited lately?xx



I know in the past I’ve said I’m not one for blog ‘goals’, but having recently had a blog re-design and trying to take this thing a bit more seriously (not really, don’t worry), I thought I would do a little post on some stats I’m hoping to achieve!

*side note, I know that numbers aren’t everything by any means, but I do think they can be a good indication of growth



I currently have 259 followers on Bloglovin. By the latter end of this year, (ideally my original blog’s 2 year anniversary in November!) I would love to have around 350-ish followers. I’m not aiming for crazy numbers like 600 or something here, as I want this to still be realistic and feel achievable for me.

I would also love to build up more (read:one) relationships with brands and work on posts together! If anyone has any posts about tips on this, please link it below as I would find it so helpful!


I currently have 13 subscribers on my Youtube channel, and if I’m being honest I’m finding it super hard building up a following on there! I really enjoy making videos though, so that’s the main thing! Hopefully I can keep on learning new stuff with editing, and build up more on a following over there, lets aim for 50 so maybe not something *too* out of reach. Link here if you would like to subscribe, I would be so so grateful.


Link me below your recent blog ‘goals’ and I’ll have a read! 🙂



*dress is from Whistles, for anyone interested!*




I’m a loyal yoga fan.


This year though, I’ve stepped it up a gear.


Most days now, I do yoga in some sort. Whether thats a more fiery practice, or a few gentle twists, I have to make time for it.


How to appreciate my body

Yeah, yeah, cliche or what. But its true! I think learning to love yourself and your body especially, is one of the hardest things to do. But by doing yoga, and appreciating the fact that with regular practice I can do poses than I could never thought I would be able to do (not there with the handstands yet though guys), and seeing how much I’ve progressed feels so great. Feeling positive in your body is so under-rated and for me, radiates through to my entire life.


Stop the mental chatter

I’m not a person who struggles to give there self  down time. I know how important it is mentally. But even in that down time of yours, you can still hear your mind chattering away. With yoga, I am (most of the time) so focused on the act of moving, that the mental chatter slows down and gives the mind a well deserved break.


Theres no ‘end’

You don’t suddenly become a ‘yogi’. You don’t get bored. There’s no end to yoga. Its constantly a new beginning, a new day, a new attitude. Theres so many different versions to try, poses to try and master. I always love looking for inspiration on Instagram and LOVE ‘yoga girl’ and ‘jessica olie’.


I would love to know if you guys are yoga fans too?! Thanks for reading! xxxx



I’ve raved about the other Bourjois concealer (Radiance Reveal), but after watching Ruth Crilly’s video I thought I would pick this one up! Now, THIS one is my favourite! It’s a lot less liquid-y than the other, but its not super super matte either. It blends with literally one swipe of your finger, and has such a good coverage too. I’m so impressed with this one!




Now this isn’t *specifically* a first impression for me, as I’ve tried this product years ago but I picked it up recently because I wanted a really glowy, dewy primer that I could wear even without foundation that would make my skin look a bit healthier. I’ve been wearing it before under and without any other base products and I really, really like the finish it gives. It also doesn’t break me out which I was a bit nervy about!



I’m quite picky with my mascaras. I like easy ones to apply with no faff, and doesn’t clump. This one doesn’t clump, in fact it gives great separation. But unfortunately, I don’t seem to be getting on with this wand at the minute! I’ve never seen one like it. It is a ‘ball’ type of wand and it seems to take me much longer than any other mascara normally one, just because of the weird shape. I’m going to keep with it for now and I’ll let you know if I change my mind on this one guys.



Have you tried any of these? I would LOVE to know your current favourite drugstore product! xxx

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