The thing I’ve been pondering a lot about lately, is staying true to yourself whilst blogging. Especially when it comes to sharing and promoting.

I’m so proud of my little space. I don’t want to try to *trick* people into coming here, if they want to and are interested, that’s awesome. I don’t want to promote myself on every single platform I can saying ‘hey guys check me out’. (Nothing wrong with this though by the way!) I feel like my blog speaks for itself, as does everyones I’m sure. It doesn’t need to go and try to grab attention.

I always want to stay true to myself no matter how big the following may be. I don’t want to clickbait or use snazzy ways to get more hits by not being authentic.

I hope one day this blog could turn into a way that I earn income. That would be one of my dreams, right there. But I will never do it by trying to pressure people into visiting.

Until then, its my hobby. And I love it.


Whats your take on this guys? 



This may be the first dupe that I’ve stumbled across.. but once I did, I knew I had to share.

I recently went to Superdrug to pick up a few little re-purchases of stuff I had run out of. I needed a new cleanser as I only had one left (yes, I like to have two cleansers on the go) and I have to admit, I was tempted to go to Boots and get a more high-end lil guy.

However, I stumbled across this Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser and it was half price. Boom! I bought it.

I thought this might break me out because I have very sensitive skin, but nope. It’s incredible! It is an amazing dupe for the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, but without no scent. I would also note that it doesn’t seem to be as ‘drying’ as the Liz Earle one can sometimes be.

So the same product for a fraction of the price? I’m into it.


Have you ever tried this cleanser? If you can’t tell, I would really recommend it! 🙂 xx


This past week we took a few days away for some R & R, and headed off to Durham! My sister used to go to University there so I am quite familiar with the town, but its always so nice to go back to such a calm, quaint place!



We also took the (12 minute!!) train to Newcastle for a day as neither of us had been before! We loved it. Would definitely go back!


I posted these pictures on my Instagram, so if you would like you can follow me here! xx


What city have you visited lately?xx



I know in the past I’ve said I’m not one for blog ‘goals’, but having recently had a blog re-design and trying to take this thing a bit more seriously (not really, don’t worry), I thought I would do a little post on some stats I’m hoping to achieve!

*side note, I know that numbers aren’t everything by any means, but I do think they can be a good indication of growth



I currently have 259 followers on Bloglovin. By the latter end of this year, (ideally my original blog’s 2 year anniversary in November!) I would love to have around 350-ish followers. I’m not aiming for crazy numbers like 600 or something here, as I want this to still be realistic and feel achievable for me.

I would also love to build up more (read:one) relationships with brands and work on posts together! If anyone has any posts about tips on this, please link it below as I would find it so helpful!


I currently have 13 subscribers on my Youtube channel, and if I’m being honest I’m finding it super hard building up a following on there! I really enjoy making videos though, so that’s the main thing! Hopefully I can keep on learning new stuff with editing, and build up more on a following over there, lets aim for 50 so maybe not something *too* out of reach. Link here if you would like to subscribe, I would be so so grateful.


Link me below your recent blog ‘goals’ and I’ll have a read! 🙂



*dress is from Whistles, for anyone interested!*




I’m a loyal yoga fan.


This year though, I’ve stepped it up a gear.


Most days now, I do yoga in some sort. Whether thats a more fiery practice, or a few gentle twists, I have to make time for it.


How to appreciate my body

Yeah, yeah, cliche or what. But its true! I think learning to love yourself and your body especially, is one of the hardest things to do. But by doing yoga, and appreciating the fact that with regular practice I can do poses than I could never thought I would be able to do (not there with the handstands yet though guys), and seeing how much I’ve progressed feels so great. Feeling positive in your body is so under-rated and for me, radiates through to my entire life.


Stop the mental chatter

I’m not a person who struggles to give there self  down time. I know how important it is mentally. But even in that down time of yours, you can still hear your mind chattering away. With yoga, I am (most of the time) so focused on the act of moving, that the mental chatter slows down and gives the mind a well deserved break.


Theres no ‘end’

You don’t suddenly become a ‘yogi’. You don’t get bored. There’s no end to yoga. Its constantly a new beginning, a new day, a new attitude. Theres so many different versions to try, poses to try and master. I always love looking for inspiration on Instagram and LOVE ‘yoga girl’ and ‘jessica olie’.


I would love to know if you guys are yoga fans too?! Thanks for reading! xxxx

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