I mentioned in this post the podcasts I had started listening to recently, but now it’s been a few months and I just cannot get enough of discovering and listening to them.

I have them on whilst I’m cleaning, cooking, working, walking. I’m addicted! They are perfect for people like me who get easily distracted doing jobs, and needs to have something to focus on so my mind doesn’t wander too much.

I still love From The Heart by Yoga Girl, and What She Said by Lucy Sherif so would still definitely recommend having a listen to those, and heres what I’ve discovered in the mean-time…


I’ve seen this spoke about so many times, I decided it was time to give it a go! I honestly didn’t think I would be that into it, but it is SO funny. Granted, it’s the rudiest thing ever (!) so make sure you have your headphones firmly in place, but the episodes are short and just the perfect length for when I’m walking the dog. I just have to remember that I probably look a bit weird laughing to myself.


I’m a massive Ingrid Nilsen fan, and I always appreciate how in-depth she goes into issues important to her on social media, so I knew I would like this podcast from the get-go. She’s joined with her friend Cat Veldes, and each week they cover various topics such as self-care, letting go, and the desire to belong. It has me nodding along for sure!


This is another hugely popular one, and again I’m surprised how much I enjoy listening to it! Every episode is with a different celebrity, and the music they love along with snippets of their life story. I really loved the Ed Sheeran, Jack Whitehall, and Matt Smith episodes. They aren’t too long either so they don’t get boring and things get wrapped up nicely.



Olivia’s podcast is freshly squeezed, in that it’s only a few weeks old but I’m loving it already. I was already a big fan of Olivia’s Instagram and found her very relatable on her Instagram stories, so I was super happy to hear she was venturing into the podcast world. I can’t wait to hear more from this series! It makes me feel creative about my own blogging business, and to focus on my dreams.


Jen’s podcast is fairly new to me, but I’ve indulged in every episode with a cup of tea and it’s been a bloody great time. She seems like the loveliest lady and is SO knowledgeable about the blogging/content industry that it makes me want to invite her to my house and quiz her on all her amazing knowledge! (I’ll provide cake of course). After every episode I feel inspired and motivated to work on making my dream life happen.


What podcasts do you listen to?

  • Oh I love listening to Jen’s ‘Make It Happen’ podcast! I find it so inspiring! Lately I’ve been loving Liv and Charlotte’s podcast ‘The Fringe Of It’ 🙂

    Kayleigh |

    • I’ve been meaning to download that one! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Courtney Hardy

    I’ve never heard of these podcasts before but they sound really good.

  • I need to listen to more podcasts! I always forget that they’re actually a thing I could have on in the background when I’m doing something else x

    Lauren |

    • I’m obsessed! Completely converted to them now x

  • After about 4 years of saying I want to start listening to podcasts I have finally started actually doing so – so yay, I need to listen to these! I feel like My Dad Wrote A Porno is probably going to be the first one I try from this list haha xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

  • I’ve been looking for some new podcasts to get into. Desert Island Discs is my fave. Ladies Who Lunch will be joining my podcast library. Thanks Natalie x

    • I think you’ll love it! I’m listening to it now actually too 🙂

  • I LOVE Make it Happen too, I always feel so inspired and motivated after every episode. I haven’t heard of You’re Not the Boss of Me so that’s definitely one to check out!

    • It’s brand new and I love it! Definitely recommend checking out Olivia on Instagram too!

  • I’ve been enjoying The High Low – as they don’t do typical interviews but discuss current events – very witty and information:)

    Hanh | hanhabelle

    • I’ve heard lots of great things about that one actually- I’ll download it!

  • Thank you so much for the mention natalie!!

  • I love Ladies who lunch!!

    • Isn’t it fab? Listening to ‘a desire to belong’ atm 🙌🏼

  • Make it Happen and Desert Island Disks are two of my favourites, so i will have to check the other two out! I am particularly intrigued by “ladies who lunch” as i love Ingrid too 🙂 I really recommend Me and Orla and The Happy Place too, i’ve popped them on my upcoming podcast post and they are my two staples!

    Bumble and Be

    • Yes I’ve starting listening to me and oral and looove it! I’ll put the other on my list 🙂

  • These all sound great suggestions! I’m definitely getting into podcasts too. It makes getting ready in the mornings and cleaning more fun as I have something to entertain me instead of getting bored! xx

    • Plus it makes cleaning go faster too which is always a plus in my book 😉

  • Ooh thanks so much for these recommendations! I’ve been meaning to start listening to Make it Happen and You’re Not the Boss of Me and I’ve now added them to my Podcast app! Can’t wait to listen and get inspired 🙂 xx