Spring is the perfect time to clean up our old habits that aren’t serving us, and set new routines that make us feel like our best selves. Over the last few weeks or so, I’ve had a good think about what I’d like to change to my daily lifestyle, and they are (thankfully) all working really well so far.


Ah, sugar… the thing I love a lot that doesn’t love me that much after all. Yes it tastes amazing and I feel great while I’m eating it, but afterwards, not so much! Don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not banishing it from my diet whatsoever, I’m just trying to stick to one sweet thing a day (which is a lot less than the last recent few months). I feel so much better already after just a week, and of course I’ll be slipping up every now and again but hopefully I’ll remember just how much better I feel after I’ve cut down on it a bit.


I love love love, skincare. I’m pretty proud of my skincare collection, and I take pride in looking after my skin. Over the last few weeks, I’ve upped my skincare routine, both morning and evening and I honestly notice such a difference. It probably looks the best it’s ever been, especially since I’ve added serums and hydration boosters. I find it a really relaxing part of my day, and it’s become a ritual that every week I do a sheet mask.


I’ve downloaded the Hormone Horoscope that I forgot about years ago, and I’ve been making notes in my phone when I notice particular symptoms crop up throughout the month. I feel like by doing this I’m learning more and more about my body and how to help manage my hormones.┬áIt’s something that’s been on my mind for ages, so I’m hoping I can continue with this and learn even more.


A few things I still want to do:

  • Not go on my phone before breakfast.
  • Do 10,000 steps a day.
  • Fall to sleep earlier.


Have you been making any positive lifestyle changes lately?


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