I would say I’m definitely a lot more productive now than I was a few years ago, and that combined with now having a blog means I feel like I’ve got a few tips that I think are actually quite useful up my sleeve..



This is probably the biggest tip I have and thats to really make the most of all the time you have. A prime example of this is at the weekend I knew I was going to be on a long car journey, so I spent the morning taking a few flat-lays that I knew I could edit on the way there.

Scheduling tweets while your having your lunch break is always a good idea too, as its surprising how quickly they seem to run out and its always a task to be ahead in. I am usually reading other people’s blogs whilst having my breakfast, as its something I really like to prioritise and find the time to do. Plus, I feel it in turn benefits my blog in many ways, whether thats leaving a comment to something I connected to, or seeing how other people do it on the Blogosphere.



If I have a few jobs around the house I need to get done such as cleaning, tidying, I always make sure I’m either listening to a new podcast episode or watching a Youtube video I’m interested in. That way, it makes the chores so much less painful, and before you know it the place is looking sparkling again and it didn’t feel so bad.

I always find having a tidy household makes me work better and feel a lot more clearheaded. I struggle to get anything productive done when I’m surrounded by mess and clutter!



Theres nothing worse than desperately trying to be productive, when in reality all you want to do is lay in bed, eat biscuits and scroll Instagram. I like to schedule ‘mini breaks’ along the day where I can have a little rest, with a cup of tea, and take the load off for a few minutes. If I’ve had a really productive morning, I’ll take a more chilled out lunch break, so I’m restored for the afternoon.

Doing it that way, I’m much more likely to have the energy to do a bit more than I thought originally. Be sure not to beat yourself up mentally if you don’t manage to complete all the things you thought. Life is for enjoyment at the end of the day, not for ticking off to-do lists.

In terms of my blog, If I can’t think of content, I try not to worry about it. Luckily I make sure I’m quite ahead of my posting, so if I don’t manage to post for a week it’s okay. I’m not one of those people who can force out blog posts. If it’s not working for me, I leave it be for a while. Chances are after a few days off, your creativity comes back and you’re raring to write again.


How do you stay productive?





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