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I’ve wrote in my journal everyday for the last 3 years but it’s not something I’ve spoken about that much on the blog, even though it’s a pretty big part of my routine! Today I wanted to share a little bit why I do it, and what exactly, I’m writing.



Whenever I get back after a great day, you can bet I run to my journal and write all about it (I’m so cool aren’t I?). I just adore the idea of re-reading amazing days when I’m older and reminiscing about everything that went on and what we got up to. I never want to miss out any important details! A few years ago I found some old secret diaries when I was little (you know the ones with the genuine padlock) and it was so funny to read back.



If I’ve had a day where nothing interesting has happened, I use my journal to write down 3 things that I’m grateful for. Being honest, this is probably what I use it most for, and it always keep me feeling positive and remembering the things in my life that I have and am thankful for. Something I’d definitely recommend for everyone to do, for sure. I try and make it different every time instead of just being generic. Things like seeing the sunset whilst I was walking the dog, or the fact that I wore my favourite earrings etc. It’s like a random collection of little moments that keep me going.


The bad days, the days where I feel lost and confused, that’s when I head to my journal and just write. About anything that comes to mind, I have no set plan. Some days it can just end up as doodles, but it really helps me work through all of my different feelings, and I always feel calmer when I’ve finished. There’s just something so therapeutic about being honest with your feelings, putting them into words, and letting them go. I always come away feeling just that little bit lighter than before.

Other things you can journal:

  • To-do list for the day
  • Meal planning
  • Goals for the month
  • Birthday wish-list
  • Doodling
  • Collecting quotes
  • Blog post ideas
  • Budget planning
  • Places you want to visit

Do you journal? If so, how do you use yours?

  • Journalling is something I always mean to do but don’t, I love that you use it as a gratitude journal sometimes too. I do something called project life as my way of keeping memories xx

    Kristy |

  • Kate

    I’ve never really thought about journaling before but I actually love the idea of it! Even just for looking back on past memories! X


  • I only started journalling a few years ago, after stupid-16-year-old-me decided to throw out all her old diaries because they were ‘like well embarrassing’ ugh. But now it’s become a regular thing, normally every Sunday night I’ll write an overview of my week but I also like to write poetry and songs in there too. I am trying to reach for it more on positive days because reading back, I do sound pretty sad a lot of the time, I guess it’s when I need the comfort. Maybe I need to start a gratitude section. Thanks for sharing!

    • That sounds great Ciara, I always doodle in mine too. xx

  • Kat

    Like you, I find journaling to be very therapeutic both on good days and bad days. I use my journal for a little bit of everything and anything as there are no rules which gives me the freedom to just enjoy.

    • I think thats why I haven’t started bullet journalling as I don’t want to feel restricted! xx

  • Courtney Hardy

    Journaling sounds so fun, and good to put your thoughts out.

  • After reading this I think I am going to have to go and buy myself a journal!

    Danielle xx

  • Awww that’s exactly why I blog and create my little daily videos, to look back on in years to come. It’s lovely to have a place to hold memories isn’t it.
    Peta xx

  • Charlotte Green

    I feel like my blog is my own little journal when i put it updates of things i have done! ‘Be the change’ is such a cute journal x

    • Thanks lovely, I always get all my journals from TK Maxx xx

  • Such a lovely post into something that’s special to you. I love journaling too and filling them with quotes! Bestest wishes,

    Milly xx
    Keep Calm and start writing –

  • I’ve recently started writing daily gratitude points and it has been such a lovely thing to do each day. It is helping me keep mindful and is something I look forward to! xx

  • Shannon

    I definitely need to get back into journaling! Making it a part of my daily routine is a goal for the year. It can be so therapeutic, and like you said really fun to look back on.

    Shann Eileen |

  • I feel the exact same way about journaling. I haven’t written as much lately but when I started journaling every day it helped with my mental health and to figure out a lot of things and I always come back to journaling when I need a place to just be myself and let my thoughts pour out of me.

  • I’ve been doing this for years and LOVE it. I used an app online once as well to do all of this as well and found it so relaxing to just write and write. Although I do want to start writing everything down on paper again. Just helps you to escape for 5 mins x