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You guys who read my blog know I’m all about self-improvement. But sometimes the days fly by and before you know it, things have been pushed to the side and all you want to do past 5pm is have a nap, and be fed snacks.

With that in mind I thought for today’s post I would tell you the healthy life habits I’m challenging myself to start doing, and why I came up with them in the first place..


I’m not entirely sure when this started, but I’ve noticed that I do it a lot. And its not a fantastic quality I want to have. I always presume that people haven’t done the things I asked them to do, and that I’ll have to do them on top of what I already have to do. I know, first world problems.

When actually, they probably might of done them! Give them the bloody benefit of the doubt, girl. I’m panicking and being negative over nothing. Plus, who wants to come home and moan at the BF for not doing the dish-washer. I’m not about that life. (This was quite rambly but I hope you get where I’m coming from)


This is something I’ve been doing recently, and guess what? Shocker, it works. When you have to have certain people in your life that have a negative impact on you, setting boundaries around them is the best way to go. Unfortunately sometimes you can’t just cut those people out of your life. I try to focus on limiting my time around them to as little as possible, and when they are in the vicinity I try not to give them my whole attention, while I’m sure they love 😉


Because I’m saving for the wedding, I never tend to treat myself and always feel guilty if I buy anything thats not essential i.e food. But in reality, buying yourself a little something now and again really cheers me up, no matter how materialistic that seems. Aslong as I’m reaching my saving goal, I’m allowed to have a little Boots haul when I feel like it! *talking to self*


Do you have any new habits you’re trying to do?






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