I think if you’re not into social media, like my grandparents, it can be a little difficult to imagine why anyone would willingly share their life online, including the vulnerable bits most people wouldn’t choose to air. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why I continue to share my life online and came up with a few reasons why I do it..



I’m a person with A LOT of thoughts, I’ve always analysed situations and liked to think things through. Its just the way my mind works I guess. When I’m struggling with an issue, the only way I can work out the outcome is to write about it. Sometimes it really does feel like therapy, but a lot cheaper obv. Maybe its the English lover in me, but there’s something about writing down your thoughts and them letting them go that feels so natural to me. Once I’ve come to the end of the post, the feelings that I started with have calmed down and I feel a lot more balanced and lighter than before.



Forgive me for getting a bit deep here, but I’ve never really found my passion and fit in life. I never really liked what everyone else did in high school, and I always thought there was something missing. That there must be something I love and am passionate about. And it turns out there was, and that was blogging. I feel like I have the best group of online mates (and hopefully in real life at some point too) and blogging to me just feels very easy and simple. I write my thoughts, some of you guys let me know if you can relate, and we connect. It’s the best part of it all I think. Feeling like you’re not on your own with whatever you’re going through is so comforting. It is without a doubt my favourite thing about blogging.


Isn’t that what life is about? I want to share my problems and my successes. I want to chat about things that I’ve overcome, and struggles I still have to fight. I want to have a place that I can look back on and remember the feelings I felt. I want to continue to use my blog as a place where I grow and get to know myself better, and a place that I can always fall back on and know that it’s there for me. It’s as simple as that. In an ever-changing world, having a place thats only yours, is so comforting.

Have you ever thought about why you share your life online?


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