Instagram Stories.



Bloggers (myself included), spend so much time sharing their life on social media that it is easy to feel like we’ve over-shared.

I can easily feel like I’ve over-shared just by tweeting a few more times or doing a lot of Instagram stories. (I did my makeup on there the other day and thats what brought on this blog post.. which I know is ridiculous!!)

It’s such a vulnerable, stripped back feeling that I don’t really like, even though it’s easy disproportionate. Like you’re opening yourself up to be judged. Its not like I’m telling the world my deepest darkest secrets (I don’t really have any, FYI!). I don’t go into great detail about my private life, apart from my mental health, which I am more than happy to share, as I feel I have a duty to.

I never want to seem that I’m attention seeking or thinking that I’m more important than others. The ‘ooh look at me’ kinda vibe. I’m not about that! I never want people to think ‘oh here she goes again’.

I post on Instagram twice a day, because I enjoy it and love the platform, not because I feel like I have to or that I’m sharing too much of myself.

At the moment, I’m really toying with the idea of upping my blogging ~game~ and maybe trying to post *5 days a week* instead of 3. I want to do this FOR ME. As kind of a challenge to see how long I can last. Doing the same ‘lifestyle’ type of posts as usual. I just don’t want to bombard people with content if they’re not interested!


How do you feel about over-sharing? Do you ever feel like you have? 




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