My skin is fudging up.

I’m not sure if its to do with *that* time. I haven’t been eating or sleeping out of the regular, or anything else that I think will affect it. Its just kind of having a ‘eff you I’m stressed’ moment.

For the past couple of years my skin has been pretty good, so I forgot what a knock of confidence it can give you when its not looking as good. It makes you feel SO much more vulnerable. Well, it does for me anyway. I try not to cover it up with makeup either as I don’t think it helps it heal.

When it’s in one of those moods I never know whether to go IN on all the face masks, skincare products to try help it, or go minimal and only use the basics. Keep a simple routine. I usually reach for the stuff I know will not irritate it any further. One of which I’ve run out of! Oops. (It’s the Lancome Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturiser BTW*). Its a bit pricey at £40, but I think I might just have to bite the bullet and make a repurchase. Its my skin I’m investing in after all.


What do you do when your skin is having a moment?


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