I know that ‘slow living’ can seem a bit of a buzzword these days, but when I discovered it, I knew it was something that I was immediately interested in and wanted to know more about.

The fact that people were writing about a different way to live, one that sounded much more up my street, felt like quite the revelation, and maybe I wasn’t the odd one out after all for not committing to the regular 9-5, busy weekend, city break hustle. Of course you can still abide by the slow living lifestyle even if you do do all of the above, but maybe it might take more getting used than for someone like me, who lives a small town, needs my own space, and likes time to rest and recharge.


What does slow living means to me?

To me, slow living means a life of no judgement. Not feeling guilty for making time to rest, not putting everything on your to-do list so it looks completely overwhelming, and not being ashamed to live a little differently than your peers.

It means being mindful of your actions. Dedicating time to not just complete, but enjoy the daily tasks you set yourself. Giving yourself time to breathe, and think, and work out what you want your next move to be. Setting intentions that feel kind to ourselves. Accepting when it’s time to put the cards down and have a nap. Walking the dog and noticing the change of seasons in the environment.

In a sentence, for me, slow living means always remembering the bigger picture. The reason we are here living and breathing. It isn’t for Instagram, to make a million pounds, or to have the best handbag collection.

It all comes down to love, for me anyway.


How can I incorporate slow living into my everyday life?

  • Take your lunch breaks! Invest in a great book you’ve been meaning to read, don’t look at your phone for the next 30 mins, and enjoy your lunch reading a chapter.
  • Work out what exercise feels best for you. If you don’t like the gym, don’t go for a while and find something that feels better for your body! Exercise is not punishment.
  • Have a slow morning once a week. Have breakfast in bed, laugh with your other half, cuddle your pet. Don’t rush to get up and get ready. Enjoy the time you have.
  • Be mindful when possible. Brush your teeth with care, feel the breeze on your face, the taste of water when you’re thirsty. It all makes a difference.
  • Watch how you talk to yourself. Keep it positive, and if you need a boost, maybe have a look at affirmations.
  • Spend an afternoon doing whatever you want. Yes, really!
  • Remember, you have a choice. If you have to do something, you might aswell give your best.



What does slow living look like to you?


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