I feel like as humans (which I’m pretty sure we all are), bettering ourselves or at least trying to, is something we’re doing all the time. I know I for one am super guilty of doing this, always looking to the future and setting myself goals and aspirations I want to hit, focusing on the future self I want to become.

But by all this looking forwards, I think we can miss the present moment.

We forget about the things we’ve accomplished. The people we’re grateful for. Things we do everyday that we can take for granted.

So, right now when you’re reading this, let’s slow down and take stock.

Look around you and see what you have. How lucky and privileged we all are to be here, in this moment.

You are the person that’s come this far. Don’t forget that. It’s all you! Pretty amazing really.

Here’s to not just looking towards the future, or back to the past, but looking at where we are right now.


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