Even though we haven’t yet received the full lot of our wedding photos (they are due next week), I couldn’t wait to give you all a sneak peek of our day!

A full wedding week will happening in September so stay tuned for ALL of the details! I’m planning on covering all parts of our day from the ceremony to the makeup, and of course, lots of pictures to go along, too.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and look forward to sharing our day with us 🙂 It was such a magical day I can’t wait to relieve it all again with you.

  • Such beautiful beautiful photos! The aesthetics suit you perfectly. And your dress! And pup! What an incredible day it must have been. You both radiate happiness. Congratulations again, lovely! Now looking forward to the rest of your wedding content.

    Milenka x
    Blushing Lately

    • NatalieLeanne

      thank you so so much!!!

  • Amy Eade

    Oh Natalie these are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more, you look so happy 🙂
    Amy xx

    • NatalieLeanne

      thank you, isn’t it the best day ever? xx

  • ooh these are simply heavenly. You look so happy and so beautiful. They tell a lovely story and its extra special that Harvey is there to celebrate with you both too! ps: looking forward to the rest!

    Best wishes
    Milly x

    A Meadow Fairytale

    • NatalieLeanne

      Thank you so much milly! I can’t wait to share more x

  • Natalie you look beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see all the photos 😍 xxx

    • NatalieLeanne

      thank you so much! It was the best day ever! x

  • Oh my goodness, NATALIE! These are amazing. Your hair, your makeup, your dress, your HUSBAND! Oh how wonderful. Everything looks perfect, and I cannot wait to see more. 🙂

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

    • NatalieLeanne

      Thank you so much Madison! I can’t wait to share th whole day!

  • Omg your dress is incredibly beautiful! True princess dress 🙂 Looks like you had a magical day, I can’t wait to read more about what went on!

    Teresa xx

    • NatalieLeanne

      thank you!! It was the best day ever 🙂 I can’t wait to do a full wedding week!

  • Your day looked absolutely perfect, I hope you had the best wedding!

    Danielle xx

    • NatalieLeanne

      Thank you so much danielle! It was so amazing I can’t wait to share 🙂

  • Oh Natalie these are so so beautiful and you both look so wonderfully happy! I cannot WAIT to see more xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • NatalieLeanne

      thank you Soph! I can’t wait to share more! xx

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  • You look absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to see more photos from the day!

    Jess x

  • You look so beautiful Natalie! I love your dress and I can’t wait to see more!

  • Aww you look amazing Natalie! Such lovely happy moments captured!